Google Street View Bexley

Google Street View: The Miraculous Changing Weather of Bexley

Bexley’s a quaint little place to the South East of Greater London. Because I am, well, a bit sad, I randomly check places out on Google Street View. I get a kick out of finding people who’ve fallen over or who are giving evil signals to the Google car. (For my next trick, I’m going to get a life). Anyway, just a little quirk on Manor Road, Bexley, as the weather miraculously changes.

It starts out snowy, as in the image above (taken on October 2010). But as you move up the road, it becomes positively summery.

Bexley Google Street View

And a bit further up the street still:

google street view bexley church st mary

This is, of course, because of the dates of the photos being used. The first image was taken in December 2010, while the subsequent ones were taken in May 2012. I wonder why they didn’t update the first shot with a more recent one. Someone standing in the way?

Wish I could change the weather from snowy to summer…