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How to See Smartphone Only Traffic in Google Analytics

The most infuriating thing about Google Analytics in terms of viewing mobile traffic is the inclusion of tablet data by default. Tablet traffic is a whole different ball game to smartphone traffic and having the two grouped rarely makes sense! Fortunately, it’s now pretty easy to see smartphone traffic only in Google Analytics.

Smartphone Traffic Custom Segment

We’ll access smartphone only traffic data (excluding tablets) through the addition of a custom segment.

smartphone traffic custom segment google analytics

You simply need to add a new custom segment, as above and then apply a couple of rules. We effectively want to tell Google Analytics to:

  • Only include traffic where the user is browsing from a mobile device
  • To check whether that mobile device is a tablet and, if it is, then exclude it

This will leave us with smartphone traffic and it means your custom segment needs to look a little bit like this:

smartphone custom segment rules


1. Give your segment a name

2. Tell Analytics to only include mobile traffic

3. Tell Analytics to then exclude anything that’s tablet traffic

This leaves you with smartphone only traffic. Simply save the segment.

Accessing Smartphone Data in Google Analytics

To access data using this segment, you simply need to select your new smartphone segment from the advanced segments and ‘apply.’

select smartphone custom segment

Points to Note

This segment relies on Google’s own ‘tablet traffic’ profile. In other words, we’re excluding tablet traffic where ‘tablet traffic’ is down to Google’s judgement. Google does have a really up to date list of tablets and this is therefore an incredibly accurate way to exclude such traffic.

Prior to Google having a tablet segment, this was a much more manual and tedious task (manually excluding a whole list of tablet devices that would have had to have been updated every single time a new tablet device came out)!

However, perhaps some time soon, Google will also grace us with a default smartphone segment which would eradicate the need to set up any custom segments at all! Who knows?

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