do a barrel roll google easter egg

Little Gems from Google – I Get My Kicks from Geeky Stuff Like This…

Some people get their kicks from adrenalin sports, some from less-than-legal substances, some from fast cars. Me? I get mine from little geeky gems like these from Google. (Yes, I know… I need to get a life)!

Do a Barrel Roll

An oldie, but a good one! If you Google ‘do a barrel roll,’ Google, it seems, will gladly oblige, as demoed in this video.

Zerg Rush

This is awesome and first appeared in April 2012. If you type ‘Zerg rush’ into the search box, your search results page will immediately come under attack from little zergy thingies you have to kill. Pretty slick.

Binary – The Geekiest Google Easter Egg?

This one might be the geekiest of all of Google’s little Easter Eggs! Google ‘binary’ and you’ll find this:

google easter eggs binary.

If you Google ‘octal’ or ‘hexadecimal’ you will get similarly geeky results numbers.

Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

Google got on board with the six degrees of Kevin Bacon fun last year. Now if you Google the name of any actor or actress followed by ‘Bacon Number,’ you will see things like this:

jennifer aniston bacon number google russell brand kevin bacon number google lindsey lohan bacon number google

Manchester Football…

Not an Easter Egg per se, but as a Manchester United fan, it’s always nice to see that a search for ‘Manchester Football’ puts top and City’s website back on the second page 😉