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Google UK Market Share Drops Again…

Figures released by Experian this week demonstrated a drop in Google’s market share. The figures released in Jan 2013 related to the search market from December 2012.

google uk search engine market share graph jan 2013

Experian’s data

Let’s be honest; Google still rules the roost (and clearly isn’t suffering financially)! But over the past 12 months it has seen its market share fall from 91.15% to 88.35%. Bing, on the other hand, has seen a modest increase.

Other key figures from Experian’s data included:

  • A record month for UK searchers! There were 2.7 billion visits to search engines from UK web users over December 2012. This represents a substantial increase of over 400 million compared with December 2011.
  • Google still benefits from 7 times the number of searches in the UK than all other search engines combined! 
  • Google’s current market share in the UK is the lowest at which it has been in 5 years.

On the Other Side of the Pond

The US love affair with Big G clearly isn’t quite as deep as ours. On the other side of the Atlantic, Google’s market share is 66.7% (according to ComScore). This December 2012 figure represents a slight drop against November 2012, but actually shows Google’s year on year US market share increased. In December 2011 it was 65.4%.

Bing now boasts a market share of 16.3% in the USA, while Yahoo claims 12.2%.