Facebook statistics january 2013

The Republic of Facebook – If Facebook Were a Country…

In 2011, I posted some key Facebook user statistics and took a look at how the number stacked up against population figures of various countries. That was over 18 months ago and the social network has grown phenomenally since then. So it’s time to take another look and refresh those figures.

All numbers here pertaining to Facebook are taken from Facebook’s official press page.

Headline Figures

  • There are now 1 billion monthly active users (figure quoted in October 2012)
  • There were 584 daily active users in September 2012
  • 81% of Facebook’s users are outside of the USA and Canada

If Facebook Were a Country…

Let’s put those numbers in some perspective.

  • If Facebook were a country, it would house 1 in 7 (or 14%) of the world’s population.

Facebook Statistics Infographic

  •  It would be the 3rd largest country in terms of population size.

facebook active users infographic

  • It would have a population 16 times that of the UK

Facebook UK population statistic Jan 2013

User Numbers by Country

Data source: Social Bakers:

  • There are 32.8 million Facebook users in the UK. This represents over 52% of the population of the UK
  • This puts the United Kingdom 6th in terms of countries based on Facebook users behind the USA, Brazil, India, Indonesia and Mexico
  • In the United Arab Emirates, there are 3.4 million Facebook users. This, however, represents a staggering 69% population penetration. Over 2/3 of the population are on the social networking website
  • Even this population penetration, though, is almost dwarfed by that of the Falkland Islands, where 73% of the 2,638 residents are members of Facebook

Other Key Stats

  • 81% of active monthly users on Facebook are from outside of the USA and Canada
  • Over 600 million active users use Facebook’s mobile services (mobile website, mobile app etc)
  • As of the end of September last year, Facebook had over 4,300 employees globally
  • When Facebook held its IPO (initial public offering) in May 2012, it was valued at $104 billion
  • $104 billion is enough money to give everyone on the planet $15 each!
  • Following the recent announcement of the social graph, Facebook’s share prices fell by 3%

The Republic of Facebook

So, to sum up, if Facebook were a country:

  • It would be home to 16 times as many people are the UK is
  • It would hold one in seven of the world’s population
  • It would be the 3rd biggest country in the world behind China and India

So we can speculate all day long about user numbers dropping off, value falling and bad press due to privacy concerns, but there’s no denying the phenomenal number of users Facebook boasts.