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The Growth of My Blog Guest – A Good News Guest Posting Story

I’ve made no secret of that fact that I’m a guest blogging fan. When I say ‘guest blogging’ I mean real guest blogging (not crappy spun article distribution being dressed up as guest blogging). One of the biggest influences on the growth of guest blogging in recent years has been the growth of My Blog Guest. I joined back in 2009. Since then, I’ve seen it grow and grow and grow and have benefitted from the host of new features bestowed upon users frequently.

But until I saw this infographic today, I had no idea just how much the site had expanded its reach. Check this out.
MyBlogGuest growth

Just look at the numbers. 28,000 members, over 50,000 articles published through the gallery. Of course, all of this is a good news story. The one thing it’s impossible to measure the value of though, is the relationships built through My Blog Guest. I’ve posted on blogs through the site and actually developed great contacts I get in touch with frequently off the site now.

Guest Posting Done Right

The reason I’m so pleased to see My Blog Guest succeed is because it still maintains a quality level that I don’t believe any other similar platform maintains. Of course, the odd spammer will always rear its ugly head, but the mods are kick ass at kicking that sort of member into touch.

As someone who has been guest blogging since 2008, I’ve seen it change so much, particularly in the last 12 months and not necessarily for the better. It seems there’s a select group intent on using guest blogging as a means of crappy content spinning and distribution. But MBG has a community made up largely of people who look beyond the link benefits of guest posting. It’s a community that genuinely enjoys creating content and the mutual benefits of guest blogging. It’s no surprise it’s growing at this pace – the offering for bloggers is unrivalled by anything else online (and I’d know – I’ve looked!).

So there we go… a good news story to end the weekend. Congratulations, Ann and the team at MBG.