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[Guest Post] 4 Graphic Designers You Need to Follow on Twitter

This is a guest post by Ivan, a freelance blog and theatre writer. He has written for health and lifestyle websites. He blogs for Sparkstone.

There’s a vast network of talented, respected designers on Twitter. So whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned professional, there’s always great tips and advice to be found there. But – to save you trawling through the profiles – I’ve put together a handy list of the biggest and the best designers for you.

Image by Naf:4D

Why follow them?

Loads of reasons: they are frequent users; have a lot of followers; provide relevant, specific content; engage with other tweeters and are professionals in their field.

Each has a distinct professional objective when they tweet so your news feed won’t be updated with what they were up to on a Friday night and, most importantly, they engage with their followers and provide a service by answering questions or tweeting useful daily links.

Who are they?

1. Nicholas Patten

CTO, Architecture, Tutorials, Social Media

Twitter: @Nicholas Patten


The instructive New Yorker makes frequent recommended links to useful coding tutorial blogs. A must follow for anyone who are HTML literates!

Follow him if you need daily notifications of coding tips and ways to build a professional, technical website.

2. Dainis Graveris 

Want healthy design related discussion? Look no further, as we will help you to become better web designers! More than 1.5 million visitors cannot go wrong!

Twitter: @1stwebdesigner


This popular Latvian web designer directly engages with tweeters. He provides a friendly service, answering questions and comments for dedicated web developers and designers. At times he makes some grammatical errors but forgive him – he’s Latvian and really nice.

Follow him if you like engaging with friendly people on Twitter.

3. Ronald Bien

Founded by Ronald Bien, is a design blog where you can find lots of design resources from tutorials to freebies.

Twitter: @naldzgraphics


Based in the Philippines, he’s a graphic designer specialising in cartoon graphics and offers tutorials on Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, 3DS Max and Cinema 4D. Plus he’s a classic Asian nerd so there are lots of influences from anime.

Follow him for cartoon inspiration and graphic freebies from wallpapers to icons.

4. Mike Lane

Senior UX Designer near Minneapolis, MN with 15 years experience in creative Web and Graphic Design.

Twitter: @mlane


Mike Lane is experienced in creative Web and Graphic Design for websites, desktop and mobile applications. His tweets give links to techniques and useful resources to give you the tools you need to make an impressive website. (Though forgive him at the moment because his website is still not up yet – I’m sure it’ll be impressive)

Follow him for tips on improving your website’s user experience.

Many others to follow…

Of course the above listed are not the official 4 you should follow. Check out another 4 designers who are avid microbloggers and write humorous, interesting posts.

@chrisspooner (Chris Spooner) – Creative blogger and designer. He also likes pretty colour and shapes.

@r27 (Rajesh Pancholi) – Works for CreativeLab. Design and Visual Communications. Likes to make funny shapes with noodles when nobody is looking.

@Minervity (Richard Darrell) – Web and graphic designer. Loves everything larger than a byte.

@mayhemstudios (Calvin Lee) – Award winning Web designer and Twitter addict (although he lives and breathes social media so he should win an award for that too)

What are you waiting for? Follow!

Enjoy and please leave comments below.

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