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[Infographic] Global Siri Usage Statistics

I came across this awesome infographic by earlier on, which covers off some key global Siri usage statistics (based on data from iPhone 4S users).

Based on the (granted, some difficult to read) info at the bottom, it seems ‘regular usage’ for the purpose of this infographic is those who use Siri ‘every day, a few times a week or a few times a month.’ That seems like a longwinded way of saying regular usage is those who use Siri at least a few times a month!

The use of Siri


Key Siri Usage Stats Taken from This

  • 53% of iPhone 4S users globally use Siri regularly
  • iPhone 4S owners in the UK, US, Japan, France, Australia and Germany are more keen – 65% of 4S owners in those countries use Siri rgularly
  • Perhaps surprisingly, the most active age group in terms of Siri usage is the 40 – 49 year olds
  • The least active age group, the 20 – 29 year olds (that’s my age group!)
  • The most common feature Siri is used for is Reminders (no surprises)
  • Only 11% of users say they feel embarrassed using Siri in public, however the question might be a bit misleading as ‘uncomfortable’ is also an option and over 30% claimed to feel uncomfortable in that situation.
  • Men are move active Siri users than women – 61% of male iPhone 4S owners use it
  • Fewer than half of female 4S owners (47% specifically) use Siri regularly


Yes, I do. Granted, my opinion doesn’t count for a iPhone 4S user survey anyway as I use an iPhone 5 now. But I use it daily for setting reminders, adding appointments to my calendar and setting my alarm.

And, erm, well I also use it for testing how well Siri can swear and for trying to get it to tell me it loves me.

You can read more about that here and here 😉