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My Nan’s Got an iPad (And Other Reasons I Love Apple)

I’ve never made a secret of my love of Apple. Over a period of 3 and a half years I’ve gone from one of the people laughing at those who part with their hard earned cash for something they don’t need on launch day to one of the people laughing at those in the queue on launch day cos I preordered mine online!

Yes, I upgrade every single time there’s a new iPhone. I have an iPad, a MacBook, an Apple TV… And I want a new shiny iMac. But why, oh why, have I sold my soul to Apple in exchange for arguably overpriced gadgets that I really don’t actually need?

My Nan’s got an iPad

my nan's got an ipad

Now, don’t take this the wrong way – she didn’t introduce me. It was certainly the other way around. But the fact my Nan used my iPad just once and decided immediately she wanted one says a lot about the ease of use of the iPad. My Nan couldn’t even send text messages. She used to think little men lived inside computers and that the Internet closed at 5 (I wrote about this on Ann Smarty’s blog a couple of years ago). But now she’s on Facebook, she’s on Twitter and she downloads apps!

Why? Because the iPad made it easy. 

She’s never used a computer in her life, but she can use an iPad. That level of intuitive use is unrivalled, in my opinion.

It’s Seamless

Granted, it’s only in the last couple of years that owning Apple products has become a truly seamless experience, but it’s now so simple for owners of multiple devices to access their data across their plethora of gadgets. I upgraded to the iPhone 5 when it came out. It was the simplest experience… Within minutes I had all my data on my new phone. The transfer was problem free.

A far cry from the days I was upgrading my old Nokia 5210 and having to write all my phone numbers on a notepad an manually input them into my new Nokia 3210.

Apple is the King of the Positive Spin!

I’m a sucker for a good marketer. And Apple is just that. When the iPhone 5 came out, it came with a new connector. This connector wasn’t the industry standard (as many had hoped). It was a new one that was different to anything else out there. This meant that Apple owners would need to purchase adaptors for all of their existing Apple accessories.

Did Apple dwell on this? No, did they Hell. Instead, they called it ‘LIGHTNING!’ They talked it up so, so well that even the cynic I am briefly forgot about the inconvenience it might present.

App Store

Yes, it’s better than the Android Play store. I know some people bitch about that Apple limits what you can and can’t do and therefore what you can put on the app store is far more limited than with Android. But what that does, in my opinion, is maintain a level of quality.

It’s Shiny

Yes, I admit it. I am sucker for a shiny, well marketed, well packaged product. And I LOVE Apple because their gadgets always look so slick.

I’m hooked on Apple. For the moment, they have me and I have that many of their gadgets and apps now that moving would be a hassle. I can appreciate that the S3 isn’t a bad phone and, by all accounts, the new Windows tablet is decent. But for me, it’s all about the slick, shiny, i-flavoured Apple products.

Ah well, there’s worse things I could spend my money on…. like heroin.