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Is this the WORST Website in the World?

I’m a Manchester United fan. But I am certainly not a fan of my beloved club’s absolutely awful website. Now, I’ve mentioned already how appalling this site is for mobile users, but last night I was trying to use the site on my desktop and encountered the same problems that have plagued this website forever (still not fixed).

My biggest gripe with is how frikkin difficult it is to actually buy tickets.

Getting Hold of Tickets

The main reason I use the official website is to get hold of tickets – that’s kind of a big deal for a Premier League football club’s official website. So you’d think anyway?

To buy tickets (in most cases) you have to be a member. That’s fine. But even when you’re a signed in member, tickets are not all that easy to actually buy on the website.

Let me guide you through the process: homepage

So, despite the fact that ticketing is a huge part of this site, the ‘buy tickets’ link is just hidden away under a meaningless hash tag link (#iamunited) and under player and staff profiles. Not all that clear, but nonetheless, not that worrying.

buy man united tickets

When you click that link, you arrive here. You’ve got a huge ad for season tickets and key forthcoming fixtures highlighted (which of course grab your attention). You’ve then got 4 blocks beneath this key image offering ticket prices, news, email ticket news and seat views. That in itself for someone who is just looking to buy a ticket could raise the ‘where the Hell do I click?’ issue. Again though, the magic button is in the left hand side: ‘Tickets – Buy or Apply.’

Buy man united tickets - fixture list

That brings you here – the most straightforward page on the process so far. Pick your fixture, hit ‘buy tickets.’

man united buy tickets pick seat

But then the process gets complicated again. The main thing wrong with this screen for me is that there are no visible price points. Within these available seats, there are a lot of different price points and until you click on a block, see if there are enough seats available and then put the tickets in your basket, you cannot see the price. But perhaps the most infuriating thing is that when you get to a point where you’re picking your seats, it’s SOOO SLOOOOW! 

And believe me, when you’ve picked your seats, you’ve then got the nightmarish job of allocating seats to memberships within your management and so on and so forth!

Managing Memberships

I had a problem with a purchase earlier. I bought 4 tickets for the boxing day match at Old Trafford against Newcastle. Within my management, I have 4 memberships – my own, my partner’s and my two younger cousins’. Particularly in the case of my younger cousins’ memberships, I am the sole manager of those memberships. They were registered and paid for on my account and the associated email is mine. In other words, there is no way for them to login themselves to manage anything. But when I needed to change something on one of their accounts today, I couldn’t do it and, instead, had to contact Manchester United by phone and have someone do it.

And even when I want to change something of my own, it’s 6 clicks from the homepage. 6 clicks!?!?!


Anyway, I’ve wasted 4 hours of my weekend trying to do something simple – buy 4 match tickets. And now I’ve wasted half an hour ranting about it on here…. so maybe I’ll quit my whining and go watch X Factor!

In summary, though: is perhaps the worst website I have to use regularly.