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27 Examples of Brilliant Guest Posts

We all know guest posting is getting a bit of stick as (post-Penguin) it’s being abused by people looking for a quick, easy link with no consideration for the quality of the content or the editorial value they offer the blog on which they post. Of course, it’s not just the bad guest bloggers to blame for content like that but also the blogs accepting the content. But guest blogging isn’t always done badly (contrary to what you might read )! In fact, there are some awesome examples of guest posts being done brilliantly.

First of all, what do we consider a brilliantly done guest post? Well, I’m personally a fan of Ann Smarty’s guide to what guest posting should and shouldn’t be. To summarise, it’s not predominantly a link building activity, isn’t quick and simple article distribution and should offer some real value to the blogger and blogger’s audience. With that in mind, I’ve found 27 absolutely awesome guest posts from across the web highlighting exactly what I think makes a cracking guest post.

Disclaimer: Yep, there’ll be a focus on digital more than other areas as this is what I’m most familiar with.

Marketing, Social Media, Blogging and SEO Guest Posts

I’m going to start here because this is the area of the blogosphere you’ll find me reading most frequently and so naturally, I find more of these.

1. A Quick and Dirty Guide to Your First Guest Post

  • Published on: Problogger
  • Author: Neil Patel of KissMetrics
  • What makes it so awesome? Neil knows the audience of Problogger inside out. That’s evident in his post. The content is easy to read, concise (without being brief) and actionable. It also has a catchy headline. Always a bonus.

2. The Ultimate Guide to the Facebook Edgerank Algorithm

  • Published on: Econsultancy
  • Author: Kelvin Newman
  • Another fine example of a guest blogger knowing a blog’s audience inside out. Kelvin knows that Econsultancy is frequently visited by Digital Marketers interested in many digital channels, social media certainly being up there! He’s produced an informative piece of content tailored to the audience perfectly.

3. A Basic (Yet Essential) Pre and Post Content Launch Checklist

  • Published on: SEOMoz (YouMoz and then promoted to the main blog)
  • Author: Mackenzie Fogelson
  • Yes, I’m banging on about tailoring to the audience, I know. But SEOMoz has an audience of SEOs (both advanced and beginner in level). The post is easy-reading, includes relevant images that help make it more readable and is actionable.

4. Top 70 Google Analytics Resources

  • Published on: Here on Blogsession
  • Author: Zac Grace
  • I’ve been accepting guest posts for a while and have received a number of pitches. In spite of this, I’ve published very few. What Zac did was approach me with several ideas. Spotting the fact that I like resource lists (and lists like this one) he’s spent time researching the content I publish and creating a tailored list of resources. He made it easy to read by separating it into resources for different skill and experience levels too. This post is one of the most viewed on Blogsession and was even shared by the official Google Analytics account on Google Plus.
Guest post Google Plus

Google Analytics shares the guest post on its official G+ page

5. Create a Compelling Online Portfolio by Guest Blogging

  • Published on: Freelance Folder
  • Author: Ann Smarty
  • Ann Smarty is renowned for guest posting and has championed it for years. What’s great about this post is that it’s actionable and (yes, again!) tailored perfectly to the freelance community that visit Freelance Folder. She’s put her strongest topic area, guest blogging, into context for freelancers and explained clearly 2 things: why to do it and how to do it.

6. 12 Essential Social Media Cheat Sheets

  • Published on: Mashable
  • Author: Ann Smarty
  • It’s inevitable when talking about guest blogging that we’d get more than one from Ann Smarty. She’s great at it! This is one of her posts on Mashable, a post that clocked up 1,900 Facebook likes, 6,000 Tweets and 1,200 LinkedIn shares.

7. The Madness of Keyword Monomania: The Pathological Obsession with a Single Keyword

  • Published on: Search Engine People
  • Author: Joel Stein
  • Full disclosure: I work with Joel! However, that doesn’t make this any less valid and it’s not biassed of me to say this post was brilliant. It was perfect for an audience made up those interested in SEO and those who work in SEO agencies. It took a genuine SEO issue and put a witty spin on the wording and was genuinely a great read.

8. 9 Common SEO Campaign Mistakes

  • Published on: Econsultancy
  • Author: Jaamit Durrani
  • Econsultancy run a lot of guest posts and this is amongst the best. I’m always a fan of the list format. This post contains images, it’s easy reading and insightful. It’s something readers of Econsultancy could both relate to and learn from.

9. Forget Everything You Think You Know About SEO

  • Published on: Problogger
  • Author: Mark Collier
  • Problogger has high standards for guest posts and this is amongst my favourites. The content is easy reading, it’s data driven and has a title that intrigues.

10. How we Turned an SEO Team into a Content Marketing Agency

  • Published on: Buzzstream
  • Author: Kevin Gibbons
  • This is a recent post by Kevin Gibbons who specialises in content marketing. The reasons the post is so good, aside from the fact it’s easy to follow and informative is because it’s based on a real case study and Kevin is a position of sufficient authority to discuss the topic
  • Published by: Opportunities Planet
  • Author: Mark Trueman
  • This post has a catchy title, is honest, could potentially spark some debate (largely from people doing the three things Mark calls out) and was audience specific.
  • Published by: Opportunities Planet
  • Author: Brian Patterson
  • Opportunities Planet publishes some excellent guest posts. The reason I like this one so much is that is appreciates a challenge faced by a lot of internet marketers – ‘boring’ niches. Some guest posts in this niche area are guilty of talking very much in theory with little consideration of the somewhat ‘boring’ reality faced by peers. This post doesn’t do that!
  • Published by: SEOMoz (Promoted from YouMoz to the main blog)
  • Author: Lindsey
  • Consistent with the high quality content that Moz and its audience demands of its guests, this post is brilliant. Again, it’s pitch perfect for the readership of Moz and it uses real case studies to put forward the argument for each of the three marketing gigs it describes. A great piece of content deservedly promoted the main blog and widely shared.
  • Published by: Distilled
  • Author: Bryson Meunier
  • I’m a big fan of the content on the Distilled blog most of the time and this guest post had three things in particular going for it. Firstly, it’s title in itself is something SEOs have debated (whether mobile ‘SEO’ is even real or it’s just the same as ‘normal’ SEO) so it’s likely to garner interest. Secondly, it uses real data! We all love a pie chart. Thirdly, it answers a question that is a genuine and timely dilemma for a lot of web marketers: responsive design or separate mobile site?
  • Published by: SEOptimise
  • Author: Yousaf Sekander
  • Now let me start out by saying here that I know this title isn’t particularly original. But what Yousaf did that made his post stand out against other similar posts was to start out by defining some clear goals. So many posts like this jump right in with a list of tips without actually defining engagement or what the goals of the blog being discussed are. The piece was concise (but not brief), clear and easy to read. And it felt like a post written for the audience (not for the link!).

Finance Guest Posts

I personally find that finance is one area that tends to be abused more than others by poor quality guest posting. So, coming across a great one is always a bonus!

16. Are You Saving Up for Your Retirement: Infographic and Analysis

  • Published on: The Money Principle
  • Author: Agnese Geka
  • Now, there are no shortage of infographics out there and a lot of them really aren’t great. But this infographic is actually a great piece of data visualisation. That, coupled with the analysis following it helps to explain an otherwise complex topic in a straightforward way.

17. How Obama’s Victory Will Affect Your Money

  • Published on: Top Finance Blog
  • Author: Mike Roberts
  • What made this so good was the timeliness of it. Obama’s victory was very much trending on the date of publication. I’m surprised it didn’t achieve more social shares because it’s genuinely a great, relevant and easy reading finance guest post.

18. 5 Things You Don’t Need to Pay For. Really.

  • Published on: Inexpensively
  • Author: Ann Smarty
  • Yep! Ann features again. As ever, her posts are always great. The best things about this post – the title is surprising and memorable and the content is genuinely useful to readers of Inexpensively who are looking for ways to cut back on their spending.

Health Guest Posts

19. Lynn and the Art of Weight Maintenance

  • Diet Girl
  • Author: Lynn Heraldson
  • This is a bit different insofar as Lynn is invited by the blogger, Shauna, who regularly invites people for these audio type posts. The reason I love this? It’s a weight loss blog and this a personal approach, which I think is effective. I like the fact it’s audio – it again makes the guest more ‘real’ to the listeners. I think this is spot on for the audience of Diet Girl

Design and Web Development Guest Posts

20. Ampersands with Attitude

  • Published on: Smashing Magazine
  • Author: Huw Wilkins
  • Again, a bit different because Smashing Magazine insists upon paying its contributors. It’s also one of the oldest posts I’ve looked at for this list (2008). However, this is a guest writer (paid or otherwise) and so I argue it still counts. The post title was unique, played into the ‘design’ element of the blog that readers of Smashing Magazine enjoy so much and was hugely visual as well.
  • Published on: Moon Sail Design
  • Author: John Lewis
  • This is a brilliant tutorial. The title tells you the overall objective of the post – to teach you how to do something specific. And the content of the post delivers on the title’s promise. Very visual, really easy to follow and perfect for its audience.
  • Published on: 6 Revisions
  • Author: Daniel Shain
  • Daniel nailed this one, in my opinion. It’s a blog read by designers. One frustration felt particularly by freelance designers or hobbyist designers (or those who just generally are budget limited for the tools they use) is the cost of Photoshop. So this post served a real purpose and delivered on its headline promise.


23. Pinterest as a World Exploration Tool 

  • Published by: Flowing Events
  • Author: Jessy
  • What I love about this post is how it seamlessly merges Pinterest (a relatively new social/bookmarking/visual sharing platform) with travel. It’s an unexpected and surprising title but it does deliver on the headline with its content. A great post.
  • Published by: Go Backpackinh
  • Author: Todd Anderson
  • A brilliant spin on the travel topic by bringing movies in and a really great rundown of films as well.

Miscellaneous Others

25: 33 Life lessons no School Really taught me

  • Published by: ARKarthick
  • Author: Nischala
  • This is a really excellent post. It combines a number of the things that many readers like: personal experience, quotes from renowned people and also the list format!
  • Published by: Dangerous Lee
  • Author: Dan Howell
  • In the interests of full disclosure once again, I work with the author, though the post is non-commercial and any links in it also non-commercial and my reason for its inclusion is simple. It tickets 3 boxes: A unique title, an easy to read list format and again delivers on its headline.

27. 5 Crooks Who Swindled in the Name of Christianity

  • Published by: Christian Education Plus
  • Author: Francis Thomas
  • I love the title of this post. It’s something that people reading a Christian Education blog might not normally expect to encounter, but it’s factually accurate, well researched, easy reading and different.


Awesome Guest Posts

I know I’m only scraping the surface with these 27. Feel free to share others in the comments!