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Attribution Modelling: 12 Must Read Resources

Featured image credit: Tecmark.

One of the key announcements at Google’s October 2012 Analytics Summit was that the Attribution Modelling Tool that was previously available to Premium Analytics users only, is to be made available to all users.

Cue my early access request and hours of playing with this new Analytics toy. Attribution modelling offers a whole new insight into the performance of your marketing channels taking into account all influencers in a consumer’s journey to purchase. But I won’t write up the full how-to or what-is type post here again because there’s a ton of great resources already out there. I want to cover some of those.

Google’s Own Resources

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1. Attribution Modelling Overview – Google’s own fact page with links to download various PDFs. Always a reliable introduction to a new Analytics feature.

2. Attribution Modelling Support Page – Google’s support page offering an insight into the default models available.

3. Google Webinar: Attribution Across Channels – A 45 minute webinar from Google about attributing conversions across multiple channels.

4. Building Blocks of Digital Attribution Webinar – Another Google webinar, more back to basics this time. It’s ideal for those just starting to experiment with attribution modelling.

5. A Marketer’s Playbook to Master Attribution Modelling – A presentation available at Think With Google. It was released before the Attribution Modelling tool was announced as a new feature in the free versions, so references to the Premium version are a bit dated. Nonetheless, it’s incredible useful.


Posts from Other Sources

6. Mashable’s Guide to Attribution Models – Mashable’s post about different attribution models and how they work.

7. Greenlight’s Attribution Dos and Don’ts – A rundown of attribution modelling best practices.

8. Attribution Modelling – What, Why and How? – Tecmark’s attribution modelling run through.

9. Do We Need an Advanced Marketing Attribution Model? – Adobe’s insights into attribution.

10. Time for Alternative Attribution Models – Adexchanger’s post on advanced attribution modelling.

11. Multi Channel Attribution – The Tool to Get You Started – Lunametrics published this post before the attribution modelling tool was publicly available. It gave users an Excel spreadsheet that, in the absence of the tool in Analytics, would calculate channel values for you based on different attribution models. A really valuable resource.

12. Google Analytics Attribution Modelling 101 – Vertical Nerve’s post about attribution modelling and understanding why and how to go about it.



And For Something Totally Different…

Although I’m very much of the school of thought that attribution modelling is essential for truly understanding the value of all of your digital marketing channels, this is worth a read. This post on SEOMoz, Why You Shouldn’t Do Attribution Modelling is worth a read for another view point.