Easy Outreach SEO Wins

Easy Outreach SEO Wins

Being something of an SEO geek myself, I’m always happy to hear from others in the industry. And this post has been contributed by Stacey Piggott, (pictured above) a search and social specialist working in Brisbane, Australia

SEO is hard work; outreach SEO can be even harder. Google has changed the rules of SEO so many times in the last couple of years that you have to be able to adapt quickly to new SEO processes. Outreach SEO is a hot topic at the moment in digital marketing, if performed correctly you can gain highly relevant links to your site. As back-links are still a major signal to Google for search rankings, it is vital to have a solid link-building strategy.

Outreach can be a difficult task in SEO as it is very time-consuming and requires good communication skills. The process itself involves a few steps; discovering link prospects/bloggers, researching your targets, engaging with them socially, asking them for a link and monitoring your process. The DREAM model for outreach has been explained in detail on my company blog, but in this article I am going to give you a list of easy outreach wins that can help you build high-quality, relevant links.

Use Existing Business Contacts

Easy Outreach SEO wins

If you are conducting SEO for a company’s website, chances are that they already have existing business connections that you can approach for a link to their website. When I receive a new SEO or inbound marketing client, I send them the following list to fill out and send back to me:

  1. Clients
  2. Suppliers e.g. equipment, software, office furniture, provide testimonials
  3. Business Partners/Mentors
  4. Education/training providers e.g. alumni groups on university websites. Edu sites often have a high page rank, which means higher link juice for your site.
  5. Internships or ongoing employment opportunities: this is a great way to gain a link on a University careers page.
  6. Membership of any industry groups
  7. Corporate events-past & upcoming
  8. Sponsorship
  9. Charity Events

Depending on the client you can get a substantial amount of links from this simple process. Clients like web designers are perfect for this technique as they could have a ready-made list of high-quality client websites to link from to their own site. You could create an exhaustive list of link prospects using their suppliers; even their office furniture supplier could potentially give you a link!

When contacting this list ensure you personalise the email and mention you are contacting on behalf of your client. Follow up with a phone call if you don’t receive a reply within 2 days. Sometimes people are genuinely busy and following up can remind them of your request.

Another easy outreach win is to discover which sites have mentioned your client but haven’t linked to them. These can easily be found by searching for the brand name in Google and building a list of potential link prospects for those who have mentioned the company but not linked to them. You can then contact them thanking them for the mention but would they be so kind to link to the website. This outreach technique has been very successful with my clients, as if someone has mentioned the company it’s likely that they will also link to the site.

Outreach can be difficult, but with these easy wins you can use your clients existing contacts to build some high-quality links to your site. Happy link-building!

About the Author

Stacey is an inbound marketing specialist with a passion for SEO and social media. She discovered her passion for internet marketing whilst working with a boutique digital marketing company in Ireland. Stacey currently lives in Brisbane Australia working with Matter Solutions specialising in outreach SEO and helping her clients increase their online goals and conversions.