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30 Link Bait Resources You Need in Your Life

I’m not going to write another ‘link bait ideas’ post cos there are already a host of them out there and I’ve written about link bait ideas and outreach over on SEOMoz already. But what I am going to do is to compile a list of awesome link bait resources that are already out there and that you need in your link-baity life. These include some of the best posts I’ve read about generating ideas, researching ideas, getting the resources to produce them, conducting outreach and some link bait case studies as well.


Link Bait Case Studies and Posts to Persuade Your Boss!

Before we start looking at how to go about getting your ideas together and how to reach out to people with your content, here are a few posts on why link bait is critical, including link bait case studies and compelling posts that might just persuade the people managing the budgets to let you give it a go!

1. Why Big Content is worth the risk by Dr. Pete.

This post by Dr. Pete on the SEOMoz from October 2012 basically lists all the compelling reasons to invest in content that you’ll need! It’s not easy persuading people to fund link bait if it’s something completely new to them. Posts like this one will give you all the ammunition you need.

2. 10 Extraordinary Examples of Effective Link Bait by Jon Cooper

Another SEOMoz post (those guys get all the good ones ;-)). This has 10 examples with great metrics (including page authority and total links) to give you some fine pieces of content to convince you that natural inbound links really are feasible!

3. Link Bait Case Study: How we got on the Front Page of Mashable by Elisa Gabbert

This is a post over on the Wordstream blog charting the success of an infographic that resulted in 150 inbound links. They’ve also covered a few of the tactics used to get the word out about the content.

4. Link Building Case Study from Search Engine Journal by Loren Baker

This post dates back to 2006! Now in SEO terms, that might seem like referencing from the dinosaur era, but this remains relevant even now (which speaks volumes about the sustainability of content that drives natural links).

5. Case Study – Following Rand’s Advice on Virality by Justin of AdChop

Yet another Moz post ;0). This one from May 2012 was written by  member of the Moz community. It covers his own link bait and outreach based on advice he took from Rand Fishkin (posted previously on Moz).

Link Bait Guides

link bait case studies

Here’s a few ‘how-to’ resources that you really need in your life and some posts offering general guidance and advice on the process.

6. Distilled Guide to Creating Viral Content

Without doubt one of the best free guides to link bait available online. And of course, a sound example of link bait in itself! Distilled investigated a ton of time into creating this amazing guide and have been rewarded with links from over 150 unique domains (according to Majestic SEO’s fresh index) and a ton of social shares.

7. The Marketer’s Ultimate Guide to Link Bait by Pamela Vaughan

Another comprensive and detailed guide on Hubspot and another one that has itself garnered some of its own natural inbound links.

8. SEO Advice: Linkbait and Linkbaiting by Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts is the overlord of web spam and stuff at Google, so whenever he has advice, it’s worth a read (whether you actually take heed or not). This particular post dates back to 2006 but again the principles still apply.

9. Diy Guide to Link Bait by KissMetrics

This is another piece of link bait in itself and takes the form of an infographic.

Link Bait Ideas

Here are some amazing posts out there covering brainstorming and link bait ideas. The ideas element of link bait seems to be something people struggle with. It’s not easy coming up with an idea that’s approachable, unique and for which you feel confident of getting into the perfect audience for. But a poor idea will result in a poor effort at link building and therefore, coupled with outreach, is the most important part in the process.

10. Digg is for Dweebs: Free Link Bait Ideas by Aaron Wall

This post on SEOBook has a few specific ideas for link bait but also goes into some detail about social sharing sites on which you can find more inspiration.

11. 11 Ways to Create Linkbait with Zero Budget by James Agate

This post on Skyrocket SEO’s blog showcases 11 ideas for link bait on ‘zero budget.’ Personally, I would consider putting time in as a budget of sorts, so I question the zero budget tag, but it’s a great collection of ideas including some commonly talked about ones and some less so.

12. 7 Ways to Find Viral Content Ideas by Kristi Hines

This post on iAcquire contains some really great sources of inspiration for developing your own ideas.

13. Link Bait Ideas for Small Business Owners by Patrick Hathaway

Patrick’s post on Search Engine People is an honest and easy reading post containing some inspiration for smaller businesses looking into link bait.

14. Reputation Link Bait by Debra Mastaler

A unique post covering something that Debra Mastaler dubs ‘reputation link bait.’

15. 47 Viral Content Ideas by Robert Steers

This post on Creative Development is a quick fire run down of almost 50 link bait ideas.

16. The Secrets Behind Content with 10,000+ Shares by Blueglass

This post on Blueglass talks us through the ‘Sticky Ideas’ concept and talks clearly and comprehensively about the traits that will separate shareable content from non-shareable content. It’s worth pitting all of your link bait ideas against this post before developing them fully.

17. Link Bait Generator – Just for Fun

Just for fun! A quirky little tool that enables you to put keywords in and then generates a (somewhat bizarre) title for you.

Statistics Based Link Bait Research

Some great resources for getting data, finding statistics and crunching numbers for those research based posts. My personal view is that research posts are awesome for link building. I’ve certainly found this myself. Perhaps this is because people looking for research and stats are often looking for them as the basis of their own content – and such references are often cited with links! Anyway, here are some great places to get numbers!


The UK Government’s statistics hub! Well worth a glance if you’re looking to compile stats on almost anything!

19. Google Internet Statistics

Google’s own statistics page, including some industry specific numbers as well.

20. Your Own Google Analytics!

Using your own Analytics is well underrated. Whatever your niche, whatever your website, if you have data about your visitors then you have some data that’s unique to you. We used this concept in this post on the Tecmark website about mobile website visitors.


The US statistics hub.

Find the People

If you don’t have the people to put this together for you at your disposal (e.g. content researchers, copywriters, graphic designers, video producers or whatever else you need!) and don’t want to use agencies, then these resources will be great for finding freelancers!

22. People Per Hour

23. Elance



Outreach Resources

Even the greatest idea in the world will fail miserably if your outreach plan isn’t spot on! Fortunately, there is no shortage of content already out there covering various link bait outreach plans and ideas. Here are some of the finest.

25. List of Infographic Sites for Link Building by Paddy Moogan

Paddy Moogan compiled a comprehensive list of infographic directories, so for those visual link bait pieces this could be a great starting point!

26. Outreach for Linkbuilding by Tom Critchlow

Tom Critchlow’s Whiteboard Friday on SEOMoz covers outreach in a lot of detail. Here’s that video just in case clicking the link seems too much like hard work! 😉


27. Content Based Outreach for Link Building by Justin Briggs

A full, informative guide to outreach including some useful resources. A hugely actionable post.

28. Finding Outreach Targets with Competitive Research by Geoff Kenyon

Another awesome Distilled post and, as is common with most of the content over at Distilled, it’s informative and actionable.

29. How I Got an 80% Success Rate on my Latest Outreach Campaign by Anthony Nelson

Anthony Nelson talks us through his ego bait outreach in detail.

30. Bucketing Link Prospects for Outreach by John Doherty

John Doherty’s post covers outreach for all types of link building really, but the concepts certainly apply with link bait outreach.


I’m sure these aren’t the only awesome link bait related post out there! But these are up there as my favourites. Feel free to share any others I’ve missed in the comments. Cheers! ~Stacey