free data visualisation infographic tool

Playing with – Who Are You?

I’m obsessed with data visualisation and, in amongst all the crap and spammy infographics out there on the web at the moment, there are some real gems. I’m a particular fan of interactive infographics, but being neither a coder nor a designer I’m never likely to be a data vis pro ;-). However, there are increasing numbers of tools out there designed to assist people in their data visualisation missions! is one such tool and I had a quick play with it earlier on to come up with this!


There’s No Substitution for a Bespoke Job, But….

Keep your knickers on, design pros! I’m not suggesting there’s ever a real substitution for a bespoke job. But is absolutely awesome for a quick data vis job for those without design resources. – The Basics

Infogram is ridiculously easy to use! It’s a case of picking a template (there are a few different styles available) and dragging and dropping elements into it. The elements include:

  • Text (as titles, quotes or body text)
  • Charts (you can choose from a ton of different chart types)
  • Interactive maps
  • Custom images
  • Videos graph types data visualisation

Once you have your various elements in place, it’s a case of double clicking to customise. For maps and charts, you can import a spreadsheet with your numbers on and it will convert them in a click to your selected chart type.

It’s not an instant interactive infographic generator. You do have to do a bit of work! But it’s really straightforward, quick and simple to use. You can then share your finished product on various social platforms or embed it on your own website (as I have done).

Is Free?

Yes! For the moment anyway, is a free data visualisation tool, though it does mention there is a store coming soon, so perhaps there’ll be additional template options available then. Certainly for the freely available stuff on the site now, everything has the logo on the bottom right – but who cares? It’s awesome!