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5 Brilliantly Bad Sat Nav Mishaps…

We no longer need to really ever know where we’re going! Welcome to the satellite age, where sat nav systems and even smartphone apps can accurately guide drivers (and even cyclists and pedestrians) from one location to another with turn by turn directions. However, just like everything else in life, sat nav systems aren’t exactly perfect and sometimes common sense needs to kick in and take over. But, you know what they say about common sense – it ain’t that common. And unfortunately, relying 100% on sat nav has led some people into some sticky situations. Here are 5 blunders blamed on sat nav that are so terrible they’re actually rather funny.

1. Lorry driver’s 1,600 mile detour

In 2008, a lorry driver transporting luxury cars from Turkey to Gibraltar somehow wound up in Skegness. Yes, Skegness! The Telegraph reported that the whopping detour was likely the result of sat nav confusion with Gibraltar being British territory.

I reiterate my point about common sense and all that…

2. Earl’s daughter ends up at the wrong Stamford Bridge

Earl Spencer’s daughter was hoping to enjoy a Chelsea football match at Stamford Bridge not long back. It should have been a fairly straightforward 85 mile trip from the Spencer family estate close to Northampton to Chelsea’s West London football ground. Yet somehow, she ended up 146 miles away from home (and a couple of hundred away from the football ground) near York in the North of England. The Telegraph reports that the driver typed in ‘Stamford Bridge’ and selected the village of the same name near York instead of the footie ground. Now that’s possibly a mistake that can be forgiven…. but actually getting all the way there before you realise you’ve got it wrong? Well, that’s a whole other level of WTF?

3. £96,000 Mercedes ends up in a river – ouch!

Even a car that costs nearly 100 grand can’t make you look any less of a prat when you get stuck in a river, as one driver found out. Following sat nav instructions on her way to a Christening in Leicestershire, she ended up in the River Sence, as covered on the Register.

4. Ambulance takes 400 mile detour

It’s a good job there was no real emergency when a new paramedic followed his sat nav! As the Daily Mail reports, the idea of the journey was to transfer a patient from one hospital to another in Essex. All in all, the journey should have taken half an hour at most. Instead, owing to a sat nav error, the ambulance ended up 200 miles North in Manchester! How do you get that far before realising something is wrong?

When you consider the 200 mile journey back as well, that 12 mile trip became over 400 miles!

5. German driver crashes into a toilet

A German driver has been described as ‘overly obedient’ after following his sat nav instructions a little too closely and consequently ending up crashing into a portable toilet. While you might forgive turning off a motorway early, the Register reports that the driver actually exited the motorway, drove onto a building site and up some stairs before crashing into the porta loo!! Impressive.

By all accounts, there was nobody using the toilet at the time, which is a shame because that’s probably the only thing that could make that story any wittier.