UK Mail Fail - A Rant

UK Mail Fail – A Rant

I’m sulking. And not because of the usual things I sulk for (I sulk a lot) like the weather or slow internet, but because of an epic UK Mail fail. For those of you who managed to miss it, I preordered an iPhone 5. I was on the app doing so within seconds of preordering opening in order to get it on launch day and was chuffed to bits when I got confirmation that mine would be delivered today. Orders from Apple were being delivered by UK Mail. So this morning, I duly logged on to track my order and patiently began my wait.

Now, let me just add a couple of little things. I ordered the phone to arrive at work for 2 reasons. Firstly, it would mean I wouldn’t need a day off to wait for it and secondly, the building I work in has an attached car park with loading bays/delivery drop points. It’s far more accessible for delivery drivers than my city centre apartment building on a much busier street. So this seemed logical.

However, the concept of looking for a car park was arguably not something the UK Mail delivery driver holding my precious cargo considered logical, as I found out. When it got beyond 2pm, I Tweeted @officialukmailΒ and asked them to follow me so I could DM my consignment number for a quick status update, given the site kept going down. Credit to UK Mail – they were quick to respond despite the fact they clearly are having one of the busiest days ever!

So I DMed UK Mail and got a (credit where it’s due again) speedy response from James:

“Driver was with you at 14:00 there was no parking so he was unable to deliver thanks alot James.”

Hmm. Anyway, a few back and forth direct messages and I was told my delivery was being marked as failed because the delivery driver said there was no parking. Long and short of it, if I want it before Monday I have to go and pick it up from the depot tomorrow morning.

I did tell James that there definitely IS parking. And I also pointed out that UK Mail was provided with my contact details in case they should have any problems. James’ response? That:

“drivers dont generally call.”

So what’s the point in them having my contact number then?

So here’s the update on my UK Mail tracking thingie:

UK mail delivery iphone

It’s true. There is “no parkig.” There is however sufficient PARKING.

So tomorrow, I will go to the depot and pick it up. Annoying. Although I am sure the annoyance will wear off when I get my shiny new phone. In the meantime though and purely for the benefit of UK Mail’s delivery drivers (in the event that any of them have to deliver to 111 Piccadilly again) please find below many pictures of the building and its (definitely very real) car park:

111 piccadilly car park for UK Mail

Apple Maps showing the car park in all its 3D glory. Just for absolute clarity, the white building is the delivery address and that greyish thing attached to it is the car park.

111 piccadilly car park again

Phwoar…check out the car park on that!


111 piccadilly car park

Bonus view of the car park from another angle!!!

It might not be a multi-storey. And it might not have giant fluorescent lighting pointing out that it is indeed a car park. Nonetheless, it boasts many of the usual traits you would associate with common car parks. Like parking spaces. And cars. And on that basis, it doesn’t seem entirely unreasonable that a delivery driver, who should be well versed in the art of delivery and thus parking, might be able to identify it as such.

Or is it just that your delivery driver had simply had enough, was busy and frankly couldn’t be bothered??

Who knows….

Either way, not good enough. And I’m miffed.


I’m Not The Only Miffed One…

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