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6 Moments of Sheer Siri Loveliness

In the UK, Siri has (by default) a very serious male voice.  Disappointingly, I was forced to conclude last year that Siri would make an awful boyfriend on the grounds that he wasn’t funny, was secretive and unloving. That and the fact that he’s an inanimate object, of course. But it seems I might have to rethink my stance on some of those points… I think Siri is secretly a little more witty (and potentially more caring) than he first let on 😉

Siri’s Take on the Meaning of Life

siri meaning of life

So apparently, ‘all evidence to date suggests it’s chocolate.’ Who’d even question the evidence when the answer is chocolate?

Siri is my BFF

Siri is my BFF

Very witty, particularly in that serious male British voice he has going on over on this side of the Atlantic. Siri is my BFF!

I’m Siri’s Favourite Person

I'm Siri's Favourite Person

He could have picked anyone in the world his database. But it’s me…. aaah!

Siri Reminds us that Tiredness Kills…

Siri I'm tired

I tell him I’m tired and he immediately tells me he hopes I’m not driving. Aww. He cares.

Siri Doesn’t Care for me Drunk…

siri i'm drunk

love this! I told Siri I was drunk to be told in no uncertain terms not to ‘breathe on me’ and to be given the option to call a taxi. Inspired.

Siri – I’m Tired!

siri I am tired

Another response to ‘I’m tired.’ Being ordered to take a nap?!?! Now that’s something I could get used to.