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Selling Your iPhone 4S in the UK (Probably to Part Fund an iPhone 5!)

[Update – Prices updated following iPhone 5 launch]

It’s that time of year when all the people who queued up last year to get their hands on the latest iPhone start to seek ways to offload it for at least a reasonable chunk of cash that they’ll put towards the new latest iPhone.

Yes, Apple is expected to announce the iPhone 5 on Wednesday and the device is looking likely to be available before the end of September (less than a year since you spent a fortune getting your grubby mitts on an iPhone 4S).

So for those who do not want to get landed with a 2 year contract and who actually just want to buy the handset, offloading their existing iPhone 4S is a rather good shout. But where can you sell it in the UK and what can you expect to get for it?

All figures are as of 12th September 2012, immediately following the announcement of the iPhone 5.


Here’s what you can expect to get by selling your mobile to some of the UK’s biggest recycling companies. More info about each follows:

sell iphone 4s september 2012 uk

Mazuma Mobile

Mazuma Mobile is one of several phone recycling companies operating in the UK. They’ll buy pretty much any handset, it seems, most certainly including your shiny iPhone 4S. Here’s what they’re offering immediately following the iPhone 5 announcement for an iPhone 4S:

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – £250.00 in cash
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – £275.00 in cash
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – £300.00 in cash

Now there is a way to get more for your mobile with Mazuma if you’re not bothered about having cash – although if you’re looking to put your lump sum towards a new iPhone then you probably want the wonga. But anyway, you can get more for your mobile if you accept your payout in Argos vouchers. What do we think the chances of Argos having the iPhone 5 on launch date are? Nil?


Envirofone is another of the UK’s leading phone recycling companies. Their service works much like Mazuma’s, but the price at which they’ll buy your phone is different for 16GB and 32GB models:

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – £270.02
  • iPhone 4S 32GB –  £300.10
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – £325.00

Simply Drop

Simply Drop is a mobile phone recycling service I had never actually heard of until researching this post. They’re currently offering some good rates on the 16GB model but are not really competing for larger models:

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – £240.00
  • iPhone 4s 32GB – £260.00
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – £275.00

Cash my Fone

Cash my Fone is another such phone recycling company in the UK. Their rates are in line with Mazuma’s:

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – £270.00
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – £300.00
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – £325.00

Sell Your iPhone 4S to O2

Whether you’re a customer of theirs or not, you can sell your iPhone 4S to O2, through O2 Recycle.

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – £250.00
  • iPhone 4S 32 GB – £265.00
  • iPhone 4S 64GB –  £295.00

Sell Your iPhone 4S to Three

Three Trade-ins is Three Mobile’s own recycling service (powered by Revive Mobile). By selling your iPhone 4S to Three mobile, you’re looking at Mazuma prices again:

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – £250.00
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – £275.00
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – £300.00

Sell Your iPhone 4S to CEX

CEX has stores all over the UK. So you can walk in, sell your phone and walk away with the cash the same day. That’s the only benefit though. The rates that CeX offers for the iPhone 4S (and this applies to all three models) are poor by comparison to other services:

  • iPhone 4S 16GB – up to £240.00
  • iPhone 4S 32GB – up to £260.00
  • iPhone 4S 64GB – up to £287.00

Sell Your iPhone 4S on Ebay

Of course, another option altogether is to sell your phone on Ebay privately. And this will probably get you the best price for it. But bear in mind, you are then charged with the responsibility of listing it, answering buyer questions, taking payment, dispatching etc etc etc. Ebay has a lot of measure in place to make sure fraudulent buyers and sellers don’t slip through the net, but that’s not to say you couldn’t be unlucky. You really should pay close attention to buyer feedback and look for those whose addresses have been verified by Paypal. Make sure to send everything by Recorded Delivery.

Though this is the most complex way of the ones listed here to sell your iPhone 4S, it is likely to be the most lucrative. Glancing over auctions taking place at the moment, I can see 16GB models selling at over £300.00. So this worth considering if you’re in no rush and you don’t mind doing the legwork yourself.