iPhone 5 launched

iPhone 5 – Shiny Bits and Shortcomings

I LOVE my new iPhone 5. It’s made my year. Yes, I preordered and despite that UK Mail debacle, I managed to get it (no thanks to that particular delivery service) within 24 hours of launch.

As much as I love it, I don’t think it’s perfect (is anything?). And here’s my particular favourite shiny bits and a rundown of some of the shortcomings.

Shiny Bits

The design changes

The phone looks incredible. It’s slimmer than before and more lightweight. The iPhone had never been heavy, but it is noticeably different at 20% lighter. It is also thinner and taller, allowing another row of apps to be displayed on the menu. The screen size has changed from the original 3.5 inches to 4 and I love the aluminium back. Sooooo pretty.

Improved video viewing 

Granted, I’m way more likely to watch video on my iPad than iPhone, but nonetheless, it’s nice to have the option! And the new 1136 x 640 pixel screen makes for an awesome widescreen viewing experience.

Improved graphics performance

As someone who plays games on my iPhone a lot, this is a biggie for me. Much faster, slicker experience when playing graphics intensive games.

Improved camera performance in low light

 Although the camera spec is much the same as the 4S (no bad thing) the low light performance is significantly enhanced. Couple that with the iO6 panorama feature (also available on previous iPhone models running iOS 6).

The Shortcomings

4G in the UK

Not Apple’s fault, granted. But the UK is way behind the USA in terms of rolling out super fast 4G and although EE will start offering this in a number of cities in the next few weeks, most of the population will have to wait a while. I’m really quite excited about the 4G LTE support, so it’s something of a disappointment that I’ll have to wait. That said, I knew this before ordering it and its no fault of the Apple’s. But I imagine people who usually shop around for the best iphone 5 deals from all networks, could be swayed more by EE’s advanced 4G and less by saving a few quid.


The docking connector has been changed from 30 pins down to only 8. This is supposedly more efficient and durable and all that stuff. And yes, it’s much smaller so enables Apple to make the phone look a lot slicker. I LOVED the way Apple sold the cable – ‘lightning,’ like it was the best thing to happen since indoor toilets. But I can see how this could be a problem for those with a lot of accessories – in car chargers, docking stations etc. It’s not too bad for me. I don’t have all that stuff, but already I’m getting a little irritated with not being able to just use the same cables I have for my iPad and that my other half has for his iPhone. Small price to pay for something so shiny though/


I am a little bit in love with it. I really am. Granted, it isn’t perfect but it’s not far from it….