My Gadgety Christmas List...

My Gadgety Christmas List…

The shops already have Christmas stuff on the shelves! How ridiculous is that??! But it sort of does justify me getting together my gadgety Christmas list, just in case anyone’s thinking of getting me anything 😉

Micro Spy Remote

This is inspired, particularly for those like me who have the maturity of children. The Micro Spy Remote holds the ability to control almost any television set and is so small that it’s practically undetectable.

This tiny, easy to operate universal remote controls volume and channels, in addition to being able to mute televisions and turn them on or off completely.

A brilliant gadget for if you’re trying to mess about with your mates, the Micro Spy Remote also carries a handy keychain attachment.

Colour Change LED Candle Set with Remote

As great as real candles are, they’re unfortunately a bit of a fire hazard. Furthermore, it’s pretty much impossible to get regular candles to burn in 12 different colours (unless you keep a range of different chemicals in and around the house).

The Colour-Change LED Candle Set however, consists of three pillar candles and stores twelve different colours ranging from pink to dark blue and purple. What’s more is that the candles’ colours can be changed through the simple press of a remote.

The set is made of real wax and has a naturally melted top. It’s also safe to leave unattended or even around children and pets. Furthermore, the set creates no fames, drips or mess and to top it all off, smells like vanilla.

The remote can turn candles on and off, change candle colours and plenty more.

Mini Keyboard Touchpad with Laser Pointer

This isn’t just any old wireless keyboard. The Mini Keyboard Touchpad is the most compact and affordable wireless keyboard and trackpad combination on the market. With a staggering operating range of approximately 30 metres, the keyboard’s compatible with computers, laptops, Google TVs, XBOX 360s and PS3s.

If all that wasn’t enough, it also has a pretty neat little laser pointer. Shiny….

Photo Cube: iPhone Photo Printer

This absolutely genius idea is what the world has been crying out for. The iPhone Photo Printer is exactly what is says on the tin. Simply connect your iPhone to the printer and produce a hardcopy of a memorable photo taken on your phone.

Rather than going through all the effort of syncing photos to your computer and then emailing them through a printer, the iPhone Photo Printer makes our lives much easier, by producing a 4”x6” 300pi image in less than a minute.

It also works with the iPhone 5 and even other Android phones, if the iPhone’s not your cuppa tea!