Chrome for iOS - Awesome Social Sharing

Chrome for iOS – Awesome Social Sharing

I’ve written on the Tecmark blog about my obsession with Google Chrome for iOS. I wrote that post on the day I downloaded Chrome for the first time, shortly after its iOS launch. At the time of this first version, I commented that the one thing missing was social sharing:

What’s missing?

The only thing missing for me is Twitter integration. With Safari we’re able to Tweet a link straight from within the browser and the forthcoming iOS6 promises such integration with Facebook too. So this type of social integration on Chrome would complete it for me.

Et voila. A little down the line and Chrome has social sharing. And it’s gone one better than the default Safari. Actually, 2 better. Not only can you Tweet and email from the browser, but you can share to both Facebook and (surprise, surprise) Google Plus.

Chrome for iOS social sharing

Of course, with the impending arrival of iOS 6 (which will presumably be default on the forthcoming iPhone 5), we’re promised that Facebook sharing will be included, though I doubt very much Google Plus will be included. The fact is, though, that Google got there first. Google made sharing across multiple platforms straight from the browser possible on an iPhone before Apple did.

Add that to all the other features on Chrome, like syncing bookmarks, seeing open pages on other devices, finding within page and easy-to-access incognito mode, and even when I upgrade to my shiny new iPhone 5 (yup, already planning on laying my hands on one at the first opportunity) I imagine I’ll continue to use Chrome.