Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

When Google released Winning the Zero Moment of Truth last year, I added it to my reading list. I skimmed the basics of the ZMOT concept from write ups and summaries but up until this weekend, hadn’t gotten around to reading the book.

I started it tonight and am finding it all pretty fascinating.


Don’t get me wrong.. it’s not a new idea, per se. It’s just that Google has effectively given something we all know and understand a name. The Zero Moment of Truth (or ZMOT) is, well, let’s let Google do the talking:

what is ZMOT zero moment of truth

So effectively, it’s the moment that someone starts to look up information about something new.

We all do it and we always have in one form or another – research before buying. But the way in which we do it, the number of us who do and the number of different sources we use is now changing and evolving all the time. Nowadays (another screenshot from Google’s ebook):

The evolution of consumer research

The evolution of consumer research

Statistics to Note

The key stats I’ve taken away from this so far:

  • In 2010, the average shopper took information from 5.3 different sources before making a buying decision
  • By 2011, this has almost doubled to 10.4 sources
  • While those sources ranged from all kinda of things, including magazines and tv ads, 50% of ZMOT were an online search!!
  • 62% of today’s shoppers say they search for deals online ahead of 50% of their shopping trips
So it’s clear that there’s a real need there for brands and businesses to be right there, visible at their potential customers’ ZMOT.

Identifying and Winning Your ZMOT

This is where I’m at in the ebook – winning and identifying. Much of it for those of us who are in digital marketing have been subconsciously doing this – researching what consumers might be looking for before they get to their buying decisions and ensuring we can answer their questions, fulfil their need for information and, if need be, engage in conversations with them.

This is social media, it’s content marketing, it’s branding, it’s PR, it’s PPC, it’s SEO… it’s real, rounded digital marketing.

There’s no point just being number 1 for a random keyword or bidding on a couple of product names if, by the time your users get to the point of purchase, they’ve already been charmed by the services of one of your competitors and have all but decided that’s where they will buy from.

The ebook and Other Stuff

You can get the ebook (and a ton of other resources) from here. And you should. It’s awesome.