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App Obsession of the Week: World Camera

I like noseying at random webcams. No, not in the dodgy sense! I mean I like looking at webcams in random streets in random places whose names I can’t pronounce. I like watching people going about their business on the other side of the world or watching a sunset somewhere far less rainy than Manchester!

World Camera on iPhone now makes that much easier. It lets you browse webcams all over the world. It’s not perfect – some of the cameras aren’t active now but I would expect the developer will remove inactive ones over time. It’s also advertised as being suitable only for those 17+, which makes me wonder what I might stumble upon that I haven’t yet found ;-). But so far, so family friendly. So it seems the age restriction is just a precautionary thing.

World Camera iPhone App

Just a small selection of the available cameras

Easy to navigate and addictive viewing. Takes nosey to a global level.

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Price: £0.69/$0.99

Developer: Alexandrina Chetaru

Platforms: Available for iPhone and iPad

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