Google Doodle Olympic Basketball

The 10 Greatest Google Doodles Ever

This week’s Olympic themed playable Google Doodles have been absolutely awesome. In fact, I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes playing basketball on the Google Homepage because I couldn’t give up till I got gold 3 stars.

But it’s not just the Olympic Google Doodles that have been awesome. In fact, over several years they’ve been evolving to get even better and more interactive. Here are 10 of my favourite ever Google Doodles – in no particular order!

1. Olympic Basketball

google doodle olympic basketball 2012

Playable basketball reminiscent of retro console gaming. This was just incredible. This is still playable here.

2. Olympic Hurdles

google doodle olympic hurdling

Yeh, yeh, 2 from the same week. But nonetheless, I’m into the old retro games consoles and both the Olympic basketball and hurdling Google Doodles have felt very much like that. I love it. Play it here.


3. Les Paul’s 96th Birthday Playable Guitar Thingie

Les Pauls 96th birthday Google Doodle playable guitar

This was amazing. It was presented to the world in June 2011. You could play it, record your own little songs and share them. Good news is you still can play it! 

You should check out some of the Youtube videos as well. Some are better than others 😉

This led to a lot of Youtube videos of people sharing their own Google Doodle skills!


4. Robert Moog’s 78th Birthday Playable Synthesizer

robert moog's 78th birthday playable keyword google doodle

Another musical one from May 2012. The playable keyboard Google Doodle let you play, record and share your ‘performances.’ Amazing. Play it here.

5. Pacman Google Doodle

pacman google doodle

Retro gamers loved this!! It’s still live and playable and still boasting the same epic sound effects you’d associate with Pacman. If I had to pick an all time favourite Google Doodle, it would probably be this one.

6. John Lennon’s 70th Birthday Google Doodle

John Lennon’s 70th birthday Google Doodle (from October 2010) is one of most beautiful we’ve had. Love it.

7. Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd Birthday Google Doodle

Another awesome video Google Doodle, Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd birthday (April 2011) was marked with this. Brilliant.


8. Robert Bunsen’s 200th Birthday Google Doodle

robert bunsen's 200th birthday google doodle

Robert Bunsen’s 200th birthday Google Doodle (March 2011) allowed you to control the bunsen burner flame intensity with mouse movements – and this in turn had the expected effect on the rest of the apparatus. Go play with it yourself!


9. Jules Verne’s 183rd Birthday Google Doodle

Jules Verne's 183rd birthday google doodle

The Jules Verne’s 183rd Google Doodle (Feb 2011) paid tribute to ‘20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.’ One of my favourites, largely down to my childhood love of the novel. You can play with it here!


10. Halloween 2011 Google Doodle


A video charting the transformation of 6 ginormous pumpkins in an eerie Google log became the Halloween 2011 Google Doodle.