New Facebook iOS app August 2012

Shiny New Facebook iOS is Frikkin Awesome

It’s been a long standing complaint of mine that the Facebook iPhone app is so buggy and slow. Yeh, yeh, first world problems. I know. Nonetheless, my world got a little bit better last night when I downloaded the new iOS Facebook app, rebuilt “from the ground to focus on speed, “according to Zuckerberg’s update.

First world problems Facebook for iPhone

First World Problems

There’s no difference in functionality and very negligible difference in terms of aesthetics. It really was just a performance improvement and it’s noticeable. In the couple of hours I’ve messed around with it:

  • I’ve not experienced a single crash
  • I’m noticing far quicker uploads, status updates, sorting of stories, loading images etc
  • It appears to have rectified a number of little glitches like getting notifications of comments on updates and finding they’re not showing up in the app etc

Nope, this update won’t feed the 3rd world and it won’t eradicate the annoying opera singer from the Go Compare ads, but it will give me one less trivial thing to complain about.

Thank you, Facebook.