reasons I would reject a guest post

6 Reasons I Would Knock Back a Guest Post

I love guest blogging and actively post on others’ blogs frequently. I’m also consistently open to hosting other people’s guest posts on this site and other sites I am involved with. But that’s not to say I accept every post I’m sent. Here are 6 reasons I’d knock a guest post back.


1.    Stuffed with links

Yes, guest posting has SEO benefits. But if someone’s primary reason for writing content is ‘getting a freebie link’ and the content is just there to bulk up the links, then I’m not interested. A link or two in a guest post is fine, but the links should be fitted into the content. The content should not be built around the links.


2.    Missed the tone and general theme of the blog

This evening someone sent me an email asking if I would run a guest post that they had written. The content was, to be fair, well written and fairly original. But this blog isn’t about money saving and this post was all about money saving tips particularly relating to kids going back to school after the summer holidays.  It just didn’t fit whatsoever and told me that individual hadn’t bothered to check out the content on the site to decide whether or not their post was a fit.


3.    Duplicate content

It beggars belief that anyone would still simply copy and paste someone else’s post and try to pass it off as their own, as if fairly savvy SEOs and bloggers wouldn’t check for that! But it still happens. Needless to say, I don’t run duplicate content and don’t even entertain putting together a rejection email.


4.    Poor spelling and grammar

Yes, I’m a grammar snob. Granted, I am the Queen of typos so I am in no position to demand that a piece of needs to be word perfect and absolutely spotless. But content littered with spelling and grammar mistakes (the type that make me believe the writer has neither proofed nor even Microsoft spell checked their content) won’t pass.


5.    Links to hideous websites

I get that guest bloggers want links! I work in SEO, I know how it works. But I won’t post links to anything I find particularly distasteful on my own website. Examples? Well, I won’t link to adult sites and I won’t link to sites selling any sort of pharmaceuticals. As I find the concept of legal loan sharks payday loans with extortionate interest rates to be little more than hideous preying on those in need, I won’t link to those either. As a rule, if it’s my personal website, I don’t link to anything I don’t like/agree with.


6.    Boring and unoriginal titles

There seems to be a common formula for people trying to build links by guest posting in somewhat ‘dull’ niches. That’s essentially titles that read something like these:

  • “The History of [insert keyword here].”
  • “The Benefits of [insert keyword here]”

It’s uninspiring and I make the assumption that if I’m not interested, then anyone reading my blog won’t be either, so I won’t post it.

But Guest Blogging is Awesome….

Guest blogging done right is awesome. Ann Smarty sums up the right approach in a guest post she wrote for That’s a recommended read!