go compare tv ads 2012 stuart pearce

The New Go Compare TV Ads (2012) are About as Funny as a Dental Abscess

Go Compare recently launched its 2012 TV ad campaign featuring celebrities inflicting a violent demise upon ‘Gio Compario,’ the super irritating opera singer I’ve written about before.

I get it. This is supposed to be funny. Go Compare is getting down with its audience, appreciating the annoyance and drafting in Sue Barker and Stuart Pearce to ‘get the opera singer back.’

There’s just one tiny little problem. It’s about as funny as toothache. 

Maybe it’s just me. Maybe I’m just miserable. But you know what would make me happier than seeing Gio Compario’s demise on TV? Not seeing him on TV at all!!! 

But here I am ranting about it – so it’s clearly had the effect of being memorable. But with that said, purely on the basis that the TV ads have inflicted hours of agony upon me, I would never use their services….

I like Sue Barker and I tolerate Stuart Pearce reasonably well, so it’s not the choice of celebrities. It’s the cringeworthy concept. It’s just not funny. Remotely.

The Go Compare Graffiti Billboards on the Other Hand…

The one element of this ‘kill Gio’ style campaign that I do like is the billboard advertising. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like it enough to retract my earlier statement about never using their services as long as I live, but I think that’s far funnier than the TV campaign.

Essentially, they’ve made the billboard look as though they have been vandalised, a bit like this:

go compare billboard graffiti ads 2012

This particular billboard sparked complaints from the Samaritans for ‘trivialising suicide.’

The above billboard did actually receive complaints from the Samaritans for its  apparent ‘trivialising’ of suicide. That seems a bit far fetched – it’s a joke!

But nonetheless, I find the Go Compare billboard ad campaign far funnier than the cringeworthy 2012 TV ad campaign.