Lucy Spraggan Twitter followers itunes chart

Lucy Spraggan, the X Factor, Twitter and the iTunes Chart

Want to know the secret to amassing over 40,000 Twitter followers, most of whom simply adore you and hang on every Tweet? Well, you need to get your backside on the X Factor. Well, that and to also be genuinely likeable and have a degree of talent! Lucy Spraggan featured on the show on Saturday. Here’s her awesome, awesome and very witty audition:

As her audition was on the TV, the hashtag #beerfear was broadcast on the screen. Cue thousands of viewers Tweeting the hashtag. In amongst them was a Tweet from the official X Factor account, which also mentioned Lucy’s own Twitter account by name: @lspraggan.

I watched that account leap from negligible numbers to 8,000 within minutes. A refresh some ten minutes later and it was 20,000. Later that evening, 30,000 and by the following afternoon, Lucy boasted over 40,000 fans. As of my last check a few minutes ago this is over 50,000.

Turning Followers into Fans

In having her X Factor viewing fans turn into Twitter fans, Lucy then had a platform to communicate with them and she did just that! Links to her album (an album she released independently last year) soon followed and, more to the point, so too did album sales. In fact,  her album made the iTunes chart in a big way. The single she performed on the X Factor made it to number 2 (just behind last year’s show winners, Little Mix)!

The album was, however, subsequently pulled down, with Lucy announcing to fans that this wasn’t her call but was owing to things ‘coming up.’ On Sunday she reiterated that the album would be pulled down:

And indeed it was. But so far, I can still access it on Spotify… shhh!

X Factor + Twitter + Talent = iTunes Success

I can’t recall another example of a contestant ever making iTunes chart waves just after the first audition!! Obviously a combination of things happened: she happened to have released an album independently last year, she is incredibly talented and the X Factor account Tweeted her username.

But she took full advantage of the newly amassed following to make iTunes chart waves and continues to engage in a personable tone with this audience. To come across so likeable, so well and so approachable and to already have this kind of audience can only help if when she makes it to the live shows 😉