iPhone 5 - I Don't Want a MASSIVE Screen!

iPhone 5 – I Don’t Want a MASSIVE Screen!

I read an article on Business Insider earlier on. It was a piece by Henry Blodget who (aside from having an awesome name) is a genuinely insightful writer. But I was really disappointed to find what I consider to be a fairly narrow minded view on the forthcoming iPhone 5. Henry basically says that if Apple simply updates the existing design without making the screen bigger, then they’ve blown it because ‘most phone buyers’ want bigger screens. Do read the article.

My general feel of the write up is that it was very narrow minded – like we should all be bitterly disappointed if there’s no major design refresh because the phone now (apparently) looks ‘old’ and ‘small.’ How long ago now it feels that we were all clamouring for smaller and smaller Nokias and wondering how small they’d get before we couldn’t get the interchangeable covers anymore.

But that’s not the point. While Blodget offers some great numbers to back up the sales of the likes of the new Android phones, there’s nothing at all out there to my knowledge that says:

Phone users want bigger screens. And Apple phones look dated.

Fine, it was an opinion piece. So here’s my opinion. I don’t want a massive screen! If I wanted the same old thing with a bigger screen then I’d use my iPad! Surely the focus should actually be on what the new phone can do – not on how big the screen on which it does it is.

And surely I’m not the only one who thinks this apparently ‘jaw dropping’ Galaxy S3 just looks like an iPhone with more rounded corners??

What I Want from the iPhone 5…

Speaking as someone who has upgraded as soon as a new iPhone was released without fail since the 3G, there are a few things I hope are brought out with the iPhone 5. But screen size or a redesign isn’t something I will lose sleep over.

I want:

  • Faster hardware
  • An even better camera
  • Improved Siri (iOS6 should take care of this)
  • Amazing and functional Apple Maps (iOS6 again)
  • Better call quality
  • Longer battery life

The point is that I couldn’t care less if the screen’s a few millimetres wider. Surely the more educated phone buyer has bigger concerns when deciding whether to spend £500+ on a new phone?!?!