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I LOVE The X Factor – And I’m Not Ashamed

X Factor is back tonight! Excuse me while I do a little excited jig. And no, that’s not sarcasm.


Yes, it’s full of cliches and over sentimental rubbish. Yes, it always seems that 50% of the singers with the most amazing voices have ridiculously unfortunate sob stories and Louis Walsh is arguably one of the most annoying people on the telly. Gary Barlow, despite being an amazing singer and songwriter, really is a terribly annoying judge and we all know they deliberately let absolutely awful singers get through the judges stages. I don’t care. I still love it.

It’s tacky, cheesy, predictable, cliched…. Yet brilliant.

I love the early stages. It’s definitely the best part of the series and I am shamelessly looking forward to Saturday nights in front of the telly till Christmas!

Some of the Best First Auditions EVER!


They were always awesome….

Aiden Grimshaw

Despite pulling some weird faces, he sounded pretty awesome!

Ethan Boroian

Ok, I admit it… this is just cos he’s cute.

Nikitta Angus

Loved Nikitta’s version of this song.

Robert Unwin

You’ll know Robert better as ‘the one that works in a chicken factory.’ Funniest audition ever.