shiny new mountain bike

I Heart my Bike

Since June, I’ve been enjoying something of a new love. It’s right up there with the love I feel for my iPhone. Allow me to introduce to my shiny new mountain bike. I opted for the Specialized Myka Sport Disc 2012 women’s mountain bike (from Evans Cycles on the Ride2Work scheme at Tecmark).

Now, let me clarify a few things before hardcore cycling aficionados let me know how wrong I got it:

  • I deliberately chose a mountain bike
  • No, I don’t go cycling down mountains
  • I do know that a mountain bike won’t be as efficient on the road as a road bike… I don’t care.
  • My primary reasoning for getting a mountain bike was that I use it on canal towpaths and rough surfaces that I just wouldn’t be entirely convinced a hybrid could handle
  • The above is a lie. Although it was a consideration, my real reasoning is that I think mountain bikes look so much cooler and shinier!!!!! I am not even remotely ashamed of it 😉

Anyway, what I have come to learn is that living in Manchester City Centre doesn’t rule out off road cycling. In fact, from within the City Centre of very close by, I can get on a ton of cycle routes that I didn’t even know existed until my bike and I became friends. The Transpennine Cycleway (National Route 62), Rochdale Canal (National Route 66), Ashton Canal and a ton of other routes close by.

My better half got a new one this week too and it’s proving a great way to spend a weekday evening, just out by the canals getting some air.

Of course, it remains to be seen whether this new obsession survives into the cold winter, but so far, so good.

Even though I do look like a tit in a helmet.