Hipporemote lite

App Obsession of the Week: HippoRemote Lite

I’m a complete Apple geek. Macbook, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV… and I love the fact I can access the same set of documents and files across all of the devices I use. I’m totally bought in to Apple.

The one annoying thing is just how expensive Apple stuff is – not the actual devices! I don’t mind paying for the devices. But the cost of the peripherals and the accessories is ridiculous. I’ve decided against spending £60 on a wireless keyword and trackpad, for example. But Hipporemote Lite lets me turn my iPhone into one.


Hipporemote Lite

It’s not as easy as just installing the app and flying, granted. In order to get full functionality, you also need to install the Mac app for your Macbook, but once you’ve done that you’re all set and connecting the two devices really is as simple as a click.

It turns your iPhone into a fully functional multi touch trackpad. Now it might not be all that necessary for Macbook users (as opposed to iMac or Mac Mini users) who already have a trackpad. Though I did find a use for it in being a really childish annoyance for a while when someone else was using the Macbook and I kept taking control. (For my next trick, I am going to start acting my age).

Very cool and genuinely useful.

Get Hipporemote Lite

iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/hipporemote-lite-wireless/id357348996?mt=8
Price: Free. (Ad free pro version available)
Website: http://hipporemote.com/