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Google Closes Down TV Ads Product

Five years ago, Google ventured into the world of TV advertising with the ambition of being able to sell TV ads in a similar way that it sells its other online ads.

However, in a blog post on its TV ads blog last night, Google announced that it is abandoning ship with the TV ads. The search giant had faced several difficulties in securing sufficient air time in which it could sell ads. Of course, there was no mention of those difficulties in its closing down post. Instead, Google chose to focus the post on the increasing movement of video consumption to multiple devices and platforms:

However, video is increasingly going digital and users are now watching across numerous devices. So we’ve made the hard decision to close our TV Ads product over the next few months and move the team to other areas at Google. We’ll be doubling down on video solutions for our clients (like YouTube, AdWords for Video, and ad serving tools for web video publishers). We also see opportunities to help users access web content on their TV screens, through products like GoogleTV.

A small victory for traditional media?