Sprite Facebook Page Timeline Cover

Awesome Facebook Business Cover Photos

Since Facebook Timeline rolled out for business pages too, we’ve seen some awesome timeline cover images come up. Here are some of my favourite:


Sprite’s Facebook cover photo (shown above) really is awesome. I am a particular fan of cover photos that work alongside the profile photo. It has to be said, though, that the rest of the page is a bit of a disappointment. Over 9 million likes and no activity from Sprite at all.



Bulmers Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

I like Bulmers cider… and I like their cover photo too. Again, ¬†fine example of using that to mark certain social media milestones. In this case, they hit 100,000 fans and dedicated the prominent photo spot to celebrating it.


Primark Facebook Cover Photo

The discount clothing retailer has opted for a timely and topical timeline cover image. Despite the fact that I consider the inside of Primark stores like Hell on Earth (it’s utter carnage) and I avoid them like the plague, I like the cover photo.


subway facebook timeline image

The thing I like most about the current Subway timeline cover is how it plays on the current Olympics without flouting any of the ridiculously stringent marketing rules. Subway isn’t an official sponsor in anyway, but its TV ads and this Facebook cover image let them incorporate the topical games into their advertising.


confused.com facebook timeline image

Despite the fact that comparing insurance is relatively dull, confused.com have managed to come up with a pretty fun cover image. They’ve worked it in with the profile image again and, despite the fact that I struggle to see what a zombie has to do with comparing financial stuff, I do like the image.