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5 of the Best Business Pages on Google Plus

Google Plus, despite boasting some impressive membership figures, certainly doesn’t have the pull that the likes of Facebook has. While businesses and brands have been quick to get pages, there are plenty of examples of them just sitting dormant with little or no activity. Take Paddy Power, for example, who have this epic Facebook campaign and are successfully integrating it with their offline marketing work, yet their Google Plus page is claimed but dormant!

But, that’s not to say they’re all like that. And here are 5 of the best business pages on Google Plus.

Cadbury UK on Google Plus

cadbury uk on Google Plus

Cadbury’s UK page on Google Plus is in more than 2 million Circles. Impressive. And the content is as impressive as the numbers. Cadbury as a brand obviously has huge pull. Not all businesses would be able to invest the resources into building chocolate replicas of the Olympic village! But nonetheless, the way they’re updating prolifically multiple times daily, using multimedia content and taking advantage of Google Plus only unique features (like Hangouts) is awesome. Using Hangouts means users get something completely unique by using Google Plus as the platform on which to communicate with Cadbury, rather than any other means or social platform.

Penguin Books UK

Penguin UK Business Page on Google Plus

Penguin Books is in fewer Circles than Cadbury. At the time of writing, just over 7,000 people have Penguin in their Circles. But that doesn’t stop the page manager producing regular content and, more to the point, content that’s exclusively for the Google Plus page. Completely unique content gives users a reason to follow Penguin on Google Plus rather than on any alternative platform.

RSPCA Google Plus Business Page

RSPCA Google Plus Business Page

The RSPCA Google Plus business page has (at the time of writing) just over 450 fans. Despite being a relatively small page, it does have daily updates and uses images and emotionally driven stories to get its points across. In that sense, the G+ page mimics the TV advertising. I really hope to see the RSPCA incorporate Google Plus into more of its other marketing to grow the page as well. Google Plus Business Page Google Plus Business Page

love the Google Plus business page. I love the personal approach Laterooms takes in using Hangouts to communicate  with customers. The page is in more than 690,000 Circles, so I am clearly not the only one who things this is an excellent page. Updates are frequent, they’re taking advantage of the features unique to Plus and the approach is really personal. Love what they’re doing.


Pepsi Google Plus Business Page

Pepsi Google Plus Business Page

The Pepsi Google Plus Business page was amongst the first live. It was effectively one of Google’s guinea pigs and was live the day that Google announced business pages. The G team knew they’d need some great live examples if they were to convince enough brands to get on the bandwagon. But even so, I love it! I’m not suggesting small businesses would be able to replicate what they do in terms of getting celebrities involved and so on. But the one thing I like the most about Pepsi is that they haven’t taken the approach of ‘oh hey, we do fizzy drinks.’ They’ve taken a different approach. Identifying that their audience is also into music, Pepsi focusses on music on its Plus page. That’s very much in line with the concept of the Idea Graph – linking your audience with other concepts and things they like. You really should check out Portent’s Idea Graph.

So What Makes a Good Google Plus Page?

For me, a good Google Plus page has a few attributes:

  • Regularly updated
  • At least some of the content shared is unique to Google Plus
  • All features available on G+ are taken advantage of – including Hangouts (big fan!)
  • Responses to people’s comments and contributions
  • Looks great and well branded

There’ll be more businesses getting involved, I am sure. And I really hope to see those whose business pages lie dormant starting to take advantage of Plus and figure out what makes their audience there tick.

Let’s see how it looks in a few months time, eh?