Bing percentage change

Bing Woos Webmasters with Even More Webmaster Tools Improvements

A few months ago, the SEO and webmaster community jumped right on a comment Matt Cutts made about the ‘possibility’ of a disavow links tool in Google Webmaster Tools.

“Yes please,” was the general consensus. But it never materialised. Within weeks, however, Bing had redesigned its Webmaster Tools completely and, you guessed it, included a disavow links tool. Whether this was just a middle finger at Google or a genuine response to something Webmasters clearly wanted is up for debate, I suppose. But I was well pleased with the new Bing webmaster tools functionality.

Now, Bing has given even more to Webmasters: percentage increase an decrease figures. Granted, Google did this back in October 2010, but nonetheless, this means Bing now has pretty much everything Google has (except for the 90%+ UK search engine market share, of course). But it’s a thoroughly shiny, functional and generally awesome interface.

The new percentage change figures allow you to see a percentage change over a given period (by default, 30 days, but you can change it). The metrics apply to:

  • Clicks from search
  • Impressions in search (‘appeared in search’)
  • Pages crawled
  • Crawl errors
  • Pages indexed

Bing Webmaster Tools – Everything I Wish Google Was

With the disavow links tool, general overall transparency about links that Bing is providing webmasters, its Webmaster Tools has a lot more to offer than Google’s. The only thing missing is the mass market share, of course. But don’t rule Bing out – this data is free to you and I know I am seeing across a multitude of sites that traffic from Bing is growing and growing…