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5 Songs That Reference Social Media


As much as I love social media, I have little choice other than to concede that it’s responsible for some truly terrible things – most notably for crimes against lyrics.

Here are five songs that reference social media.

1. N-Dubz – I Need You

The offending lyric:

I’m going mad, I need you. I’ve been searching all over Facebook and I can’t seem to find you. I really have to find you.

So, the ever-so-eloquent Dappy was trying to get it on with some girl in a club, but she left. So he proceeded to try and stalk her via social media channels. Is it just me who thinks this has the potential to turn into a harrassey/rapey/murdery situation?!

By the end of the song when it seems he might be giving up on his search, he sings that she was one in a million. Technically, one in 900 million actually, Dappy.

2. Eoghan Quigg – 28,000 Friends

Well, Mr. Quigg really goes to town on this one. We get Youtube, Myspace, Facebook and a bonus ‘Second Life.’ This is effectively a song (from what I can gather) about a girl who never leaves the house because she is always on Youtube, Myspace, Facebook, IM, email and Second Life talking to her 28,000 friends. Yet miraculously, despite what I am sure would result in a socially awkward less-than-cool teenage girl, little popstar Eoghan Quigg would like to take her to see a movie.

Ah. Isn’t that nice?

No… no it isn’t. It’s hideous. This song is one of the worst in the entire world.

3. Kid Kudi – My World


The social media lyric:

Now my facebook poppin’ cause I told the same girls I would be the hot shit one day.

That’s the Facebook mention. But it’s by no means the worst lyric in this song. I’d suggest that accolade would go to the opening lines:

Lil homie in the room, in, in the room boy, on the moon. No one to hang out with, talk that shit to.

Is it just me who’s picturing him sitting somewhere trying to find something that rhymes with ‘room’ and being unable to come up with anything better than ‘moon?’ And, for the record, Kudi, that doesn’t count as a proper rhyme.

4. Chris Brown – Follow Me (Like Twitter)

Check these beautiful lines out:

I be going out, imma go get her. I be pullin’ all the chicks they follow me like Twitter (Twitter). Follow me like Twitter, follow, follow me like Twitter.

The fact that those lyrics make no sense at all really fades into insignificance against:

As I’m sittin’ on top of my ego,
That’s the world and I’m flyer than the eagle
And she a weapon and I know she kinda lethal
My flow sicker than cancer
Need chemo.


At the risk of sounding like my Nan, they don’t write lyrics like they used to… 😉


5. Valentina Monetta – The Social Network Song

This was San Marino’s entry to the 2012 Eurovision song contest. It fitted perfectly into the competition, since prerequisites for entering include:

  • Appalling lyrics
  • Appalling music
  • Overuse of ‘Ooh’
  • Overuse of ‘Aah’
  • Overuse of terrible rhyming

Perhaps the lyrical highlight of this one is:

Do you wanna be more than just a friend?
Do you wanna play cyber sex again?
If you wanna come to my house
Then click me with your mouse

Ah, only in Eurovision….