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3D Printing – is my Childhood Penny Crayon Dream a Reality?

When I was a child, my hero was Penny Crayon. She was a cartoon character who could draw anything and it would become a reality. It would just materialise right there in front of her.

Anytime I was asked to write about my hero or write ‘if I could be anyone’ type essays at Primary School it was Penny Crayon. I wanted to draw dogs (loads of dogs), money and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk bars. I figured if I could draw the latest Mario game for my SNES, it would be a whole lot easier than having to be good for 2 weeks and then ask my Mum for it.

Of course, the idea of drawing something and it becoming real is preposterous! Or is it?

I was astounded when I was told in the office the other day that someone has used a 3D printer to print a working machine gun! I didn’t believe that was possible so turned to Google for verification. And indeed, the story turns out to be true. In fact, there’s also potential for us printing drugs! Check this story out for yourself.

I don’t think Penny Crayon ever drew machine guns or drugs but nonetheless, the ability to print objects is a digital equivalent of my childhood hero’s antics. We’re not quite there yet, granted. But maybe, just maybe, I’ll get limited Penny Crayon capabilities within my lifetime.


That said, with artistic capabilities as limited as mine, that could potentially just be opening the door to a new race of deformed pets.

cartoon dog