morrissey manchester arena july 2012

Morrissey at the Manchester Arena – Almost Flawless

I went to see Morrissey at the Manchester Arena on Saturday along with my other half , Micky, and a couple of friends. Now, I am a relatively recent Mozza convert. When I met Micky 9 years ago he was preaching the word of the Smiths and Morrissey, but I just didn’t get it.

Morrissey T Shirt

Micky’s t shirt

9 years later, however, Morrissey has very much grown on me. I passionately disagree with so much of what he says but remain completely fascinated by him and have come to appreciate him as something of a lyrical genius. So when I found out he was making one live appearance in the UK this year and it would be in the city I live in, I was there.

Mozza didn’t disappoint. He played some well known stuff and some newer material, his most moving performance being his closing, ‘(Please, Please) Let me Get What I Want.’

It wouldn’t have been Morrissey, though, without a couple of one liners. Within moments of taking to the stage he told the audience;

“You may have noticed I wasn’t invited to the Olympics opening ceremony. That’s because my smile was judged to be too sincere.”

This was followed some time later with;

“Congratulations on surviving that moronic Jubilee. When will we be rid of that family? When?”

I find him funny.


The Weird Bit…

Now, we all know Morrissey’s stance on eating meat. But it’s probably fair to assume he knows he’s in a minority. So when the entire arena was bathed in blood red lighting while a video screen behind him showed images of animal slaughter, it all seemed a bit much for a Saturday evening. Not really what people who are looking to be entertained want!

But aside from that, thoroughly epic.