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I’m on a Meme-y Mission – Help Me!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys, girls and non-gender specific bots – allow me to introduce ‘Ridiculously Happy 90s Boyband Member!’

memegenerator ridiculously happy 90s boyband member

He’s known better to me and colleagues at Tecmark as ‘Scott.’ You can stalk him on Twitter here, if you care to. Scott’s also a colleague at Tecmark but we think he’d make a pretty good meme. So we added him to Meme Generator yesterday under the alias ‘Ridiculously Happy 90s Boyband Member.’ So now, you can generate your own.

When I say ‘you can generate your own,’ what I really mean is that I really want you to generate your own! 

Just to clear a few things up:

  • Yes, this is childish
  • No, it has no purpose
  • Yes, Scott knows this is happening

So this is a request. Pretty please…. generate a Scott Ridiculously Happy 90s Boyband Meme and Tweet me (@staceycav) with a link to it. I will be eternally grateful.

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