5 Things About Google That Really Piss Me Off

annoying things about googleI’m a Google fan girl. I don’t deny it and I’m not even remotely ashamed. Granted, I haven’t gone as far as wearing a Google t shirt (yet) or switching my iPhone for an Android device, but I do love ‘em.

However, as with every love affair, it’s not perfect. And here are 5 things about Google that really piss me off.

1.    Buggy Places

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen my clients’ pictures on the Google Places listings of their competitors. We’ve even seen reviews attributed to the wrong listing. And apparently, reporting an issue results in a grand total of diddly squat being done about. Get on it, Google.

2.    Analytics for Android Only

Yes, I know I only recently whinged about this. But I’m still not quite over it. Yes, yes, Android is Google’s and all the rest of that crap, but for the company that preaches ‘mobile, mobile, mobile’ and having a website ready for all devices, it really should cater for the 30% of us who worship at the throne of Apple. Please, Google!

3.    (Not Provided) Keyword Data

Every single time I see (not provided) data in Google Analytics, a little bit of me becomes just a teeny weeny bit homicidal. I won’t go into too detailed a rant here. I’ve already ranted about that over on the Tecmark blog.

4.    History Based Search Customisation

If I want a custom set of search results, then I will sign in and gladly take them. But when I am signed out, I want the bog standard global search results. So when I get search results based on websites I have previously looked at, I get grumpy. If I wanted to see a site I’d already been to, I would use a frikkin’ bookmark! The simple fact I am using search tends to imply I am searching!! Stop trying to make me stay in the same playground all the time! Yes, yes… I know I can disable it. But that’s beside the point.

5.    They’re Retiring iGoogle

Google recently announced that iGoogle will be retired. It seems I am not the only person unhappy about this. iGoogle is my homepage! It’s my one stop shop to see, at a glance, what’s going on in SEO and social etc. I’ve got all my little gadgets on there and I like it. And in stomps Google to ruin it for everyone. Mean.

There are more than 5 flaws I could pick, obviously. I hate the way you can’t get support and the way that I can’t have a ‘vanity’ URL on Google Plus. I hate the way that crap websites rank and that spammy link profiles still work for some people. I hate the way that Google picks and chooses what to tell us, never responds to any non-Adwords support requests and I hate the way that it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate paid listings from organic listings at first glance.

But anyway, whinge over. Nobody’s perfect, right? 😉