Ralph Rooney – New Star Soccer Superstar

new star soccer for iphoneMeet Ralph Rooney. At the tender age of 24, he’s already a star footballer at the highest level playing for Manchester United. He’s won the World Cup with England (yes!), he’s won the Champion’s League with 2 clubs and has scored over 233 career goals.

His impressive career has proven lucrative, enabling him to buy a host of electrical products, jewellery and an impressive array of property and vehicles including:

  • An SUV
  • A sailing boat
  • A helicopter
  • A sports car
  • A private jet
  • A yacht
  • An apartment
  • A house
  • A stable
  • A holiday villa
  • A ski chalet
  • A castle
  • A private island

He’s hot property. All the major brands want to sponsor him just for existing and he’s England’s golden boy.

He is, however, fictional.

He’s my current career player in New Star Soccer, an iPhone game I might be a little bit addicted to.

In career mode, you essentially build up the skill of your player (or the ‘star rating’) and you progress his career. You’ll master the art of touchscreen free kicks, passing, shooting and intercepting. I won’t give too much of a detailed write up on exactly what’s involved… but Shane Richmond wrote a great review of it on the Telegraph.

Epic game. Really addictive… now excuse me, I have a Champion’s League final to play in.