Euro 2012 – The St George’s Flag is Out Again

england 2010 world cup

Me and my friend, Lucy about to watch England's opener against the US during the 2010 World Cup (another one that ended in tears!)

After every international football tournament, I’m left hanging my head in disappointment as England either go out on penalties or get suitable obliterated by a far slicker and simply more organised German side. And each time I promise myself ‘never again.’ I won’t let myself imagine for a moment that England could win a major tournament in my lifetime.

Without fail, though, two years later when the next tournament comes around, the flag is out, the face paint is ready, the tacky red and white earrings dangle from my ears and the football shirt is on.

It’s Euro 2012 and my St George’s cross adorned merchandise is out and at the ready ahead of tomorrow’s England opener against France.

And you know what? I really think there might just be a little, tiny, miniscule, teeny-weeny outside chance that we might just do alright.


Or maybe not.

Oh well. At least I drew Spain in the work’s sweepstake.

Enjoy the tournament 🙂