Watch What You Say on Facebook

There’s no shortage of media mayhem and stories over people getting fired as the result of something they have said on Facebook. Examples include this story, this one and this one too!

It never ceases to amaze me that people still slag off their employers/clients/colleagues/whoever on Facebook and then act surprised when it turns up to bite them in the arse shortly after.

Golden rule: Never say anything online that you wouldn’t be happy publishing in a national newspaper alongside a photograph of you!

“Oh but my profile is locked down,” complain so many of the people who end up getting the sack off the back of some ludicrous Facebook rant.

So what? Friends of friends can easily find out what’s on your wall and it only takes one loose tongued acquaintance you have on Facebook (but who, in actual fact, you haven’t seen in years and probably have no intention of seeing again) to see to it that the badly spelt tirade of abuse you unleashed on Facebook in reference to your boss or your biggest client or the team leader who pissed you off last week goes public. And then you’re at risk of losing your job.

Facebook is not private. Why on Earth do people insist on airing dirty laundry, slagging people off and sharing supposedly confidential information on what is effectively just a virtual billboard?

Ah, wonders never cease…