Facebook, definitely! Twitter, not so sure?

If you have recently started or are considering beginning a social media campaign for your business it is possible that you will be a little bit unsure of what to do and where to go. Most small businesses opt for the safe bet of Facebook to begin with. Attracted no doubt by the 800+ million members. But if you leave out Twitter from your Social Media campaign, just what are you missing out on?

How Many Tweeps?

Tweeps is a word used to describe people on Twitter. It has been adopted by a large proportion of Twitter users including celebrities and other opinion leaders. In March it was widely reported that Twitter had over 100 Million active users, with approximately half of these logging in EVERY day. That is a lot of people who could potentially be discussing you, your products, your special offers and eventually even buying from you!

Tweets, Glorious Tweets

A Tweet consists of 140 characters to reach your target audience. Now that doesn’t seem a lot but these characters can be put to great use in order to achieve some interaction with your followers, once you acquire them. Many businesses use them to tweet about deals or offer competitions through them. Some even offer Twitter only special deals, a great way to interact AND to measure how effective your campaign is.

But Facebook Has Photos and Allows Me To Share Content

If you are worried that Twitter is too limited and you have decided to start a social media campaign on Facebook alone because of this, then think again. In your Tweets you can include links to websites, pictures and videos. You can even place a link to your Facebook page if you wish. And don’t be worried by the length of the website link exceeding the 140 character limit, Twitter will shorten the link down so you can still get your message across!

My final piece of advice is to not disregard Twitter as a useless tool in your social media campaign. Instead try to involve it and maximise the potential it has. Get people talking about you and your business and you will soon see that 140 characters can go a very long way.