This Week’s Obsession: Pinterest

Pinterest social bookmarking

I’m always the first to cynically grin when I hear about a ‘new’ social networking or social bookmarking platform. But after complaints about ‘not having time’ to update any more social platforms (yet somehow always managing to make time in the end) I will always give them a go.


In the past year there have been only two new platforms that I’ve ever tried, seen the point of and actually liked. The first was Google Plus and this week I’ve grown rather fond of another – Pinterest.


Pinterest is, to quote the guys behind the site, a ‘virtual pin board.’ I’d explain it personally as visual social bookmarking.

You organise your ‘pins’ into different boards. I have an ‘internet’ one and a ‘products I love’ one amongst others. You then ‘pin’ web pages you like to your virtual boards. People can then follow all or some of your boards and you can follow the boards of others.


Some material online at the moment indicates that Pinterest is accounting for thousands of visits to some websites and Internet Marketers are trying to leverage it for traffic and sales (guilty as charged).


What’s So Good About it?

It’s fun and visual. I’m genuinely finding interesting material there shared (sorry, I mean ‘pinned’) by others. It’s easy to use, there’s a real social element to it in the ability for users not only to share content but discuss it too.


I suppose I also like the fact that it’s relatively free from spam at the moment. It’s been around for a year or so but is only now starting to pull in a crowd. I imagine that the more people it attracts the more spam we’ll get. But as Internet users, we’ve sort of learned to live with that, right?

If you’re not already using it, you should get involved. And, of course, follow me on Pinterest (please)! If you’re already over there, give me your usernames! I’m still hunting down relevant peeps and boards to follow!