This Week, I am Mostly Obsessed with Temple Run

I have a bit of an obsessive personality when it comes to competitive things. Even not so important ones. Like Temple Run on iPhone.

It’s an addictive game that I was introduced to by Gareth Chadwick. To be fair, it’s probably the best game he’s had me playing (the last one he introduced me to was ‘Traffic Panic’ and that was sh*t. Sorry, Gaz).

Anyway, find a game I like, add to it several of my friends and colleagues (thank you, Gamecenter) and what you get is OCD-Stacey – a gaming superhero who will stop at nothing to win! To be fair, the never-even-think-about-stopping-playing-until-you-win-even-if-it-takes-you-seventeen-thousand-hours approach really does work:

temple run iphone

Anyway, this isn’t about how awesome I am at this game (well it is a bit), it’s about the game itself…

The Game

Temple Run

You’re some jungle explorer extraordinaire running away from demon monkeys (for reasons not given). And, just because life is a bitch, the place you’re being chased happens to be full of obstacles, such as giant tree trunks and random holes in the path. On the plus side, the obstacle laden paths are also paved with coins. Wonderful.

You just keep running and keep running. And miraculously, even 10,000 metres in your little jungle explorer does not suffer any fatigue.

Objective: get as many points as you can (by collecting coins and running the furthest distance possible).

It’s a Bit Like…

Canabalt. If you haven’t played that before, that will make no sense.

The Good

  • The more you play, the better you get.
  • You don’t actually even have to ever bother with in app purchases. You earn your upgrade coins just by playing. So the more you play, the more coins you get, the more upgrades you can buy and the easier it becomes to beat all your friends get a higher score.
  • It’s free – thus eliminating any excuse you might have had not to try it.
  • The demon monkeys are awesome. Except when they catch you.
  • Gamecenter compatible. What’s the point if you can’t compete?


The Bad

  • As with pretty much every Gamecenter game, some assholes have gamed the scoreboards. But never mind, eh? That’s not so much a fault with the game.

Decent game, peeps. You need it in your life.