The Biggest Jeremy Kyle Wankers on Youtube

Jeremy Kyle – the show for people whose partners are sleeping with their Mother, sister, best friend, brother, Father and next door neighbour – all while fraudulently claiming benefits, dodging child support payments and managing to make time to lie in a pool of their own urine (or vomit) outside the local boozer at 11.30am on a Tuesday.


Yes, indeed – this is the show for those who defy evolution, for those whose stupidity prevails generation after generation despite Natural Selection. And here are a few of the finest such beings:

The Biggest Chav on the Planet

His parents must be so proud.

The Father of 15

The rate at which this man is spreading his genes about is a real threat to humanity.

The Pillock with Skull Tattoo all Over his Face


He actually refers to that tattoo as ‘art work.’


Yet Another Chav

What a wonderful example of humanity. How on Earth have people like him not yet been locked up in zoos?


“I have worn condoms before, Jeremy”

“I have worn condoms before, Jeremy,” says this 40-something year old fellow in some sort of bizarre justification for the fact that he didn’t wear one while sleeping with his 16 year old fancy piece.

Well congratulations to you, fine sir, for once successfully wearing a condom. How can the rest of humanity even ever hope to reach your level of sheer amazingness?

As hideous as Jezza’s guests are, mind, I must confess that I find Jeremy Kyle himself to be a self-righteous, irritating prat as well to be honest.

Nonetheless, the Youtube clips are entertaining 😉