5 Well Known Websites that Look Shit on a Mobile

I love my iPhone. I really do. The past 12 months has delivered a better browsing experience too – not just because of iOS improvements but because more of the sites I visit regularly have gone ‘mobile.’ It’s not all that frequently now that I come across a flash site that just doesn’t work at all on my mobile. But that’s not to say that ALL sites look good or function well on my iPhone.

Why does it matter? Well, research carried out by Tecmark last year showed almost 13% of web traffic was mobile. It’s highly likely that by now, this is closer to 20%.

Anyway, here they are – 5 sites that look utterly crap on a mobile!

1. Manutd.com – Manchester United’s Official Website

Manutd.com mobile website

I’m a United fan so of course it pains me to complain about anything in the Manchester red. But the website is awful. Really awful. And that’s just on a desktop! Difficult to find your way around and painfully slow at times. The desktop experience is a breeze compared to the mobile experience though. There is no mobile site – cue lots of zooming in and zooming out and losing your place.

Come on, United. Get on it!!

United aren’t the only Premier League football club guilty of neglecting their mobile website. Manchester City fail in this department too (instead trying to push mobile users to download an app and displaying their full desktop site). And, erm, well, City’s site is even slow. Just saying.

The prize for the worst mobile website in the Prem definitely goes to Liverpool though!

Liverpool FC Mobile Website

2. Sainsburys.co.uk

Sainsburys mobile website

People ARE shopping on their mobile phones. Mobile commerce will be worth £19 billion annually within 10 years. But you’ve no chance of doing your Sainsburys shopping on your mobile. Not unless you particularly enjoy zooming in, zooming out, zooming in and zooming out again – a lot.

It’s not just a general supermarket sin, either. In fact, while Sainsburys fails to offer a mobile site, Tesco, Asda, Waitrose and Morrisons all do. Sainsburys is falling behind.

3. ITV.com

ITV mobile website

ITV.com is another website that is simply delivering the same website to desktop users as to mobile users. I LOVE the ITV website on a desktop but it’s another zoom in, zoom out experience on a mobile device.

A great looking site on a desktop, but cumbersome and difficult to navigate on the smaller, iPhone screen.

4. Channel4.com

Channel 4 mobile website

Speaking of major TV channels, Channel 4 is in the mobile sin bin as well. While the BBC has a decent mobile offering, both ITV and Channel 4 have failed thus far to get on board.

Channel 4 is delivering the same website to desktop and mobile users – even advising its iPhone users to ‘upgrade flash’ for the full experience.


5. Firstchoice.co.uk

First Choice Mobile Website

I noticed this one when I was genuinely trying to look for a holiday. I book a holidays with First Choice almost every year. Given the size of the company, I was incredibly surprised to find that when I went to browse potential holidays last night while sitting on the couch with my iPhone, there was no easy way to go about it on a mobile.

Another example of a website that just presents the same site in the same format to both desktop and mobile users.

This is a UK focussed list of just 5. I’m sure there are bigger sinners than these out there. Feel free to share the ones I’ve missed!